The student democracy, a quick overview

The student representatives in the Student Parliament

Students are by law ensured the right to be part of all decisions that affects them at the University of Oslo. This means that students have at least 20% representation in all boards and councils at UiO. These representatives are elected from the student bodies at the various levels, through general assemblies or electronic voting.


The Student Parliament (SP) is the highest level student body at UiO. SP consists of 28 list-elected representatives, and 8 faculty based elective seats. The assembly elects 5 representatives (Executive Committee) to work full-time on issues of student rights, educational quality and student life in general.

Every year the Student Parliament adapts a new plan of action and a political platform. These are political documents with visions and demands in all matters related to students. We've translated the last plan of action, and you can read the rest of our political documents using google translate on the norwegian pages.

Plan of action 2021-2022 (English)

Student political platform 2021-2022 (English)

All political documents (Norwegian)  Google-translated (English)


The faculty student councils (studentutvalg) work at the specific faculties with issues at the faculty level. You can read more about them on their respective home pages:

  • Faculty of Humanities (HFSU)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (SVSU)
  • Faculty of Law (JSU)
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNSU)
  • Faculty of Education (SUUV)
  • Faculty of Madicine (MSU)
  • Faculty of Dentistry  (OSU)
  • Faculty of Theology (TSU)

The student councils at the program/institute level (fagutvalg/programutvalg) is the grassroot level of the student democracy.  They work to ensure and improve the quality at the course and program level. Decisions that are made at this level are decisions concerning curriculum, course and program evaluation, course build-up, work- and learning enviroment and more. These councils also often do social gatherings etc, watch out for posters about general assemblies or happenings of your local "fagutvalg" or "programutvalg"!.

Want to know more about the student democracy at UiO? Don't hesitate to contact our officer of international affairs, more info near the top of this page!

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You find the contact information about The executive committee and the administration here.


Speak up about the student environment!illustrasjon: varsel-ikoner

You can also speak up about your student environment directly to UiO! Good or bad feedback - we want it all! You can give feed back from everything from cold air in the study hall, to more critical situations. 


Officer of international affairs

International affairs officer 2021-22: Runa Jarsve

If you have any questions concerning internationalization at the University of Oslo, contact Runa. The executive committee resides in the first floor of Villa Eika.

Phone: 22 84 41 39 / 94 13 78 05



Student organisations

There are many student organisations at UiO, here are five student organisations that any students should know about:

The University of Oslo has its own branch of the International Students Union in Norway.

We encourage all students to participate in the work of ISU-UiO, read more about them on facebook or on their website!

The Welfare Council (VT)  is a student council which communicates the students' wishes and demands towards SiO and Oslo municipality.

The Students and Academics Assistance Fund (SAIH) is a solidarity organisation of students and academics in Norway. 30 kr of your semester fee is (voluntarily) donated to SAIH.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organization which mission is to represent international students and provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

National Union of Students - Norway (NSO) is the largest organisation for students in Norway, with the Student Parliament at UiO as its largest member union. The main goal of NSO is to ensure students' academic, social and economic rights.

The Student election 2021

The Student election 2021


Vote in the student election -

Vote here -

The student election 2021 starts the 8th of April at 00:00 AM and is open until April 14th at 02:00 PM. Visit to vote!


The following lists are up for election:

The Labour List

We believe in solidarity, academic freedom and community! We are the social democratic list at UiO. Our goal is to be the voice for a better and inclusive student life. That is why we will work on returning life back to campus. We want everyone to once again be able to experience the wonderful diversity of students at the Frederikke square. Our vision is a universally designed campus accessible by all students, and the Labour List is your guarantee for quality while you study. Student life is about so much more than just lectures and syllabus, a living campus needs a combination of a strong social and academic community. The Labour List highlights the student associations as an important element in creating the including social community we have at UiO. That is why the Labour List will fight to preserve the small and medium sized student associations. UiO is educating us for the work life of tomorrow. Never before have we seen a more uncertain job market, thus we demand that UiO gives us a relevant education, as we deserve. We will fight for a better student life, and we hope to get the students trust to continue doing so.

Read more about The Labour List and their candidates here.


The Guest List

Same procedure as every year: Gjestelista contains a fresh set of people with a new set of cases, but we are still a shameless bunch devoted to promoting the issues that grinds your gears. We still think SiO sucks and will work for a powerful spring cleaning, but er also care about the distance to the nearest power outlet, how much your coffee costs and access to condoms when you need it. We will work for transparency and make sure that SiO use of money benefits as many students as possible. We want a simple and cheap everyday life for all students, and we want an increased focus on including exchange students. If you have anything that bothers you to idk, talk about, hit us up with a DM. Remember to vote for us too baby. Wash your hands, use a condom and vote for Gjesteliste. We love you.

Read more about The Guest List and their candidates here.


The Green List

Since 2015, the Green List has fought for a greener and more sustainable operation of the university. We have gained support for more focus on climate and environment in the university's strategy 2030. We are a committed group of students who want the University of Oslo to sit in the driver's seat to solve the challenges now, and for the future. The Green List is running for election because we will not stop fighting for a greener university! The pandemic has shown us how much we need more social zones and outdoor seating on campus. Both the outdoor areas and the rooftops of various buildings can be utilized better. Therefore, one of our main slogans is  "take campus back". 6 years with the Green List's presence shows that student policy and voluntary work have an impact. We can see that our work pays off! We have several good solutions, and are ready to work hard for the green shift to come to life. If you want to be part of a university that is a leader in the green shift,, then the Green List is the choice for you! Vote green!

Read more about The Green List and their candidates here.


The Henke and Thom-list

Here you have two good buddies who had the wonderful idea of running for parliamentary election. Why? Because it’s great fun, and do you really need another reason? We have no specific policy; we have no ideological allegiance—Henke and Thom themselves agree and disagree on quite many issues. And who doesn’t want better classrooms, quality teaching and climate focus? What’s even the difference between The Leftist Alliance and The Guest List? And what in God’s name is a “liberal list”? Our vision is to give ownership over student politics to all the committed students of UiO. Voluntariness should be the driving force of the Parliament’s activities. Voluntariness is the cornerstone of all student activities. Starting a project should run on pure commitment. Politics, after all, revolves around processes, and at the same time as it is important to fight, it is just as important to have fun along the way. Our list consists of twenty-one wonderful candidates; all with different backgrounds and different opinions, but everyone equally fit for office. Our candidates, should they be so lucky to end

Read more about The Henke and Thom-list and their candidates here.


The Liberals

Busy lives require flexibility. The Liberals see the individual, and understand that different people require different solutions. Every lecture should be recorded, so that you can watch them whenever it suits you. We want the reading halls and gyms to be open 24/7, longer opening hours at the student restaurants and longer serving hours at the student bars. Tight wallets and a lack of work experience is a worry for many students. That is why we will work for a larger scholarship, and a smoother transition into working life through internships in relevant sectors. We also want more practical subjects. Far too many students are lonely. The past year has exaggerated the problem. We want to create new, easy to access social arenas and other mental health initiatives. The green alternative should always be the best, cheapest and easiest. UiO needs to become an eco-lighthouse. We will work to ensure that there are always good vegetarian and vegan options at the campus restaurants. Do you want more flexibility and freedom, a better student economy, a greener campus, a better transition from student to working life and a larger focus on mental health? Then you should vote for the liberals.

Read more about The Liberals and their candidates here.


The Conservatives

We fight for more freedom & a greener UiO. We want reading-halls & SiO Athletica open 24/7 for more flexibility. Therefore, all lectures should be posted as video, pandemic or not. As a local climate measure to cut emissions, UiO should meet the requirements as an “environmental lighthouse”. We must take international responsibility for the globe & UiO should therefore work to become a world leader within green innovation. We want to put mental health on the agenda. Many of us have experienced more loneliness & isolation during the pandemic. We students in particular have been an extra vulnerable group as we more often live in small private dorms far away from family. Many people experience not getting the mental help they need. Here we must work both proactively by securing more social meeting places both during & after the corona. As well as ensuring a better mental health service for us students. Do you agree? Remember to use the right to vote during the student election 8th-14th April! We want to hear what you think. Do you have an issue you think we should fight for or do you want to join the team? Feel free to contact us at our Facebook page.

Read more about The Conservatives and their candidates here.


The Leftist Alliance

The Leftist Alliance (VA) is a feminist, anti-racist and socialist student organization that fights for an equal, green and solidary university. Our most important issues this election are to reduce rent, feminism at the university, ethical research, increased study-support and to abolish the Honours-program. Reduce rent in student housing. SiO has to permanently reduce rent to make it possible to live off Lånekassen-support while renting at SiO. Students to day live in a poverty crisis, and many struggle to make ends meet because SiO-rent is too close to market price, and because students get way too little financial support. Focus on feminism. The university needs more women in academic positions, we need greater gender balance, and we need a more diverse syllabus. In academia today there are not enough professors and associate professors with female gender identity. We also mean gender points are appropriate at study programs with an enormous majority of one gender. Environmental and solidary research at UiO. Research at UiO should not happen in collaboration with environmentally harmful companies. UiO needs to be transparent about who are financing their research.

Read more about The Leftist Alliance and their candidates here.


Vote here -

Questions about the student election? Contact Linnea Alexandra Barberini, the election manager at Studentparlamentet or Anne Aase-Mæland, the executive director of Studentparlamentet.