Student election 2018

Did you know that all semester registered students have the right to vote? Find out who you think deserves your vote here

We have an international debate along with International Student Union and SAIH on the topics of academia’s global social responsibility and inclusion of international students in Oslo. It will be the 9th of May at Realfagsbiblioteket, in Vilhelm Bjerknes hus at Blindern. Read more about it here. Welcome!   

Our policy

Officer of international affairs

Synthia Zaman is the current officer of international affairs of the executive commitee in the Student Parliament at the University of Oslo.

Contact Synthia if you have any questions related to internationalization at the university. The executive committee resides in the first floor of Villa Eika.

Phone: + 47 22 85 70 49 / +47 97 75 94 45  



The student democracy, a quick overview

Students are by law ensured the right to be part of all decisions that affects them at the University of Oslo. This means that students have at least 20% representation in all boards and councils at UiO. These representatives are elected from the student bodies at the various levels, through general assemblies or electronic voting.


The Student Parliament (SP) is the highest level student body at UiO. SP consists of 27 list-elected representatives, and 8 faculty based elective seats. The assembly elects 5 representatives (Executive Committee) to work full-time on issues of student rights, educational quality and student life in general.

Every year the Student Parliament  adapts a new plan of action and a political platform. These are political documents with visions and demands in all matters related to students. We've translated the last plan of action, and you can read the rest of our political documents using google translate on the norwegian pages.

Plan of action (English)

All political documents (Norwegian)  Google-translated (English)


The faculty student councils (studentutvalg) work at the specific faculties with issues at the faculty level. You can read more about them on their respective home pages:

  • Faculty of Humanities (HFSU)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (SVSU)
  • Faculty of Law (JSU)
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNSU)
  • Faculty of Education (SUUV)
  • Faculty of Madicine (MSU)
  • Faculty of Dentistry  (OSU)
  • Faculty of Theology (TSU)

The student councils at the program/institute level (fagutvalg/programutvalg) is the grassroot level of the student democracy.  They work to ensure and improve the quality at the course and program level. Decisions that are made at this level are decisions concerning curriculum, course and program evaluation, course build-up, work- and learning enviroment and more. These councils also often do social gatherings etc, watch out for posters about general assemblies or happenings of your local "fagutvalg" or "programutvalg"!.

Want to know more about the student democracy at UiO? Don't hesitate to contact our officer of international affairs, more info near the top of this page!

Student organisations

There are many student organisations at UiO, here are five student organisations that any students should know about:

The University of Oslo has its own branch of the International Students Union in Norway.

We encourage all students to participate in the work of ISU-UiO, read more about them on facebook or on their website!

The Welfare Council (VT)  is a student council which communicates the students' wishes and demands towards SiO and Oslo municipality.

The Students and Academics Assistance Fund (SAIH) is a solidarity organisation of students and academics in Norway. 30 kr of your semester fee is (voluntarily) donated to SAIH.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organization which mission is to represent international students and provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

National Union of Students - Norway (NSO) is the largest organisation for students in Norway, with the Student Parliament at UiO as its largest member union. The main goal of NSO is to ensure students' academic, social and economic rights.