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Faction Support

Financial support for the factions

User guide for getting financial support for your faction

Prerequisites for getting faction support:

- Existing factions must submit a budget, accounts and a report on how they have used the money the previous year, to receive support for the following year.

- New factions with minimum 14 unique names on the list are supported with basic support. For every person you have less than the 14 there will be a deduction of 200 NOK from the support. All factions that did not obtain representation in the last year are counted as new factions.

- If a faction is not represented in parliament two years in a row, any aid previously granted but not used must be returned to the student parliament.

- Each faction must have leader and a treasurer.


What can faction support used for:

- The funding cannot be used to pay salary.

- The funds must either be placed in an organization account belonging to the faction or you can choose to have direct disbursements paid by SP's organizational consultant.

- If the required documentation is not made available to the Executive Committe within the deadline, the committee will treat the application separately and may deny the application.

- Faction support from previous years cannot be transferred to the following year. Unused funds will expire at the end of the year.

- If you have a separate organization account and all funds from the previous year are not used up, this sum will be deducted from next year's payout.

- If a faction does not apply by the deadline it forfeits the right to the granted funds.


Deadline for submitting application is 1st October. Remaining funds are transferred to the Fund for Student Body activities


Distribution of faction support:

The Student Parliament provides a flat faction support dividing the money between all factions running for representation:

Example with the current eight factions:

54000, - / 9 = 6000, - per faction

If more factions qualify for support then the amount will vary accordingly.

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