Political platform 2015-16 (Google translated)

Student Parliament at the University of Oslo (UiO) represents approximately 28 000 students. Political platform is our top political document, with our vision for the University and higher education. University is a university of international renown and an important corporate citizen in Norway. Education and research will benefit both individuals and society. Students are an important resource for the community, they represent the future of ideas, attitudes and solutions.

1.0 Our university

Student Parliament wants a university built on the principles of equal rights to education, social responsibility, academic freedom and collegiality. University should be a broad university with outstanding teaching, research and dissemination, where the link between the three leaks. To ensure a strong and vibrant university democracy is openness and transparency essential. Students and employees' privacy must be safeguarded in all contexts.

1.1 Basic values

University should be a university open to all. Equal access to education is the bedrock of the Norwegian educational system. Higher education should not be a privilege for the few but a benefit for both society as a whole and the individual, regardless of social, economic, ethnic and national backgrounds. Student Parliament defines all knowledge produced at the University as a common good for all. Free principle is an essential component of the welfare state and the foremost means to achieve the principle of equal rights to education. Student Parliament will help to ensure that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue higher education. People from different backgrounds have alternative solutions to common challenges, and it must be made to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to study.

Academic freedom includes both rights and obligations for the institution, academic staff and students. This includes the right to freely choose the theme, methodology, sources, conclusions from research and channel for publishing. The University will ensure and protect academic freedom, both for academic staff and students. Use of free software and open standards makes innovation widely accessible, and helps in term of digital freedom. There are political aspects of software selections, and the University will not bind up to closed software and licensing agreements.

Academic staff and students are equally part of a collegial community, built on the university's core values. This requires a short distance between students and academic staff. These groups are mutually dependent, and therefore is an expectation clarification necessary.

1.2 Student Unions and student participation

Active student participation is important for university democracy because it is the students who are close to the interstate and represent the different perspectives. University will be a leading university, also when it comes to student participation. Therefore UiO shall be 25% student representation in decision-skilled and advisory bodies.

To ensure that the requirements for student representation are fulfilled should the top management at each level convene their respective student bodies to informal meetings at least once a month. This should open discussions on the individual level control and create a good platform for student politics. Student Parliament believes that it is also locally aims for gender balance in committees and councils.

Training is essential to student participation to function at its best, and student parliament believes that each faculty has a responsibility and a duty to implement routines locally to ensure implementation. Therefore it offered control training and political education to all new members of boards, committees and boards at the university. UiO organizational model is based on proximity. It means that cases should be resolved as close as possible to where they occur. If it is necessary and desirable, the student parliament assist curriculum, program and student committee to resolve issues locally. Student Parliament will ensure good communication with local student democracy.

Associations at the University provides the foundation for the social environment at the University, and is an important complement to the professional as they provide an arena where academic staff and students can meet informally. Students who participate in associations formed experiences that can be used on the labor market. University should therefore increasingly use their associations' expertise, and support their work.

Faculty associations at the University offers students a stable professional and social environment where students reside. The university must facilitate that faculty unions can continue to conduct their activities without reducing the associations' autonomy. For that unions should be able to have a safe basis, must faculty unions have updated and current Freestyle tion agreements. Student Parliament think that faculties should support associations financially as they offer a diverse, student-initiated and student-led welfare.

Norwegian Students' Society is the oldest student union and is a meeting place for students throughout Oslo. University must support DNS financially to preserve traditions and improve cohesion between the students in Oslo. Student Parliament has a long tradition of cooperation with DNS. It is therefore natural that we support each other's work for a better student life.

2.0 Education quality

UiO important tasks is to provide outstanding education and research, and disseminate the knowledge that the university produces. The university will provide its students knowledge and skills needed to create a better future, and to facilitate that students develop professional insight, critical sense and academic formation.

2.1 Teaching and assessment for learning

As the leading research university UiO must be at the forefront when it comes to innovation in teaching and assessment forms. All teaching and assessment shall be based on the latest research in didactics, and thus be added up to create good learning situations.

In hiring of scientific staff need communication skills are emphasized to a greater extent than is done today, for example in determining the sample lectures as part of the job interview as new appointees. Student Parliament think the University must ensure that mediation ability both to sustain and develop. This must be done through regular mandatory training in university teaching to all permanent teachers. Therefore, the University establish a teaching and learning center.

To ensure that teachers provide varied teaching and assessment must faculties take overall responsibility for developing existing methods in their study programs. Student Evaluations in combination with colleague evaluations is a fundamental tool to ensure continuous quality of teaching. The evaluations must be processed into comprehensive and public reports, which systematically followed up.

University will offer forskningsnær and topical teaching. Students at all levels will have the opportunity to become involved in research projects. To make teaching forskningsnær it is crucial that permanent academic staff to the minimum extent taken out of the teaching situation.

Student Parliament wants greater use of varied forms of assessment for learning. Each assessment should be selected on the basis of learning goal for the subject. Student Parliament believes that forms of assessment at the University must be the adapted so that students can apply the lessons learned from the assessment further in their learning process. Where appropriate, the assessment forms performed digitally.

Moreover, the assessment must contribute to the good feedback that ensures the development of knowledge. As a rule, the Student Parliament that all students should get a written automatic justification when they receive grade on the exam. This written justification shall be qualitatively designed and individual. In appealing censorship should the University use blind omsensur, and comply with the deadline for censorship. Decomposed deadline for censorship, should a form of penance issued to the concerning department.

Student Parliament wants not national midterm exams in either articulated or non-articulated programs.

2.2 Facilitating employment relevant skills

Bachelor Degrees from the University shall provide an independent expertise relevant for later working life. The university must provide students with adequate information about the curriculum, and the skills one gets after graduation. All bachelor degrees should be able to arrange for a comprehensive independent study that allows for specialization and closer contact with current research in the art. The university must facilitate better overview for future career paths after completion of study.

Interdisciplinary study programs must be rooted in an established interdisciplinary research, have a clear profile and contain several interdisciplinary topics. All studies must provide the opportunity to take elective courses from their own and other disciplines. By understanding more traditions will own field boundaries, utility and distinctive three clearer.

Student Parliament think that the faculties must ensure cooperation with working life. Striving for proximity between subjects and working life is important to ensure students' sense of belonging and understanding of their own field.

2.3 Teaching materials: digitized and updated

Student Parliament believes that the University must increasingly adopt accessible digital aids in undervisning- and evaluation situations, and make these available at UiO sites. Digital lectures available in the form of video and podcast provides greater flexibility for students, while also allowing for the dissemination of knowledge to the public. Technical equipment and curriculum used for instruction must maintain a high standard and be updated. It is also necessary to have a comprehensive range of digital curriculum.

At the same time the University also bet heavily on incorporating the latest research on university education into the planning and implementation of teaching. The most relevant and updated teaching aids for the subject to be used as curriculum, whether learning agent is in English or Norwegian.

2.4 Learning

A good learning environment is a right and a prerequisite for good learning. This means that the displaying both physical, psykososiale- and organizational framework for education promotes student learning. Student Parliament believes all students at study will have a learning contract that clarifies expectations, rights and obligations between the student and the university. Student Parliament believes that the right to a good learning established by law in the same working environment for employees and schoolchildren.

Student Parliament believes that it should be implemented a pilot project with a fixed number of days open reading rooms in the University during periods of extra demand. It should also be introduced expanded dining and cleaning services at the University of periods of extra demand, as in the examination period.

More exams should be moved out to suitable external premises so that student jobs not being seized during the examination period. Regardless of location, all premises used for examination fulfill the requirements expected of a workplace.

The university must work continuously with the maintenance backlog in buildings, to ensure proper physical learning environment. The university must get funds from the Ministry for renovation and improvement of student jobs when errors are uncovered. By development or restoration shall be made to ensure that students can use other premises, so that the capacity is not reduced. All facilities at the University shall meet the requirements of health, safety and security at all times.

All students should have a tutoring program that touches all aspects of student life, and who sees the student in whole. Student Parliament believes that all freshmen must be offered a general guide hour.

Active information is necessary for students to become aware of where they can get help and how to notify. It is important that new students offered a good reception apparatus at the University to safeguard both the academic and social needs. Student Parliament believes that the guidance for groups with challenges that affect academic progress must be strengthened. Counselors will get more knowledge on how to guide this group and the University must ensure that assistive technology increasingly is used. Furthermore, it put an emphasis on how this group is welcomed at the University so that students with special needs know that their rights and what resources they can use.

University has responsibility for ensuring that students with mental or physical illness, disabilities or learning disabilities know their rights and where to turn to get studies facilitated. One of four students at the University have serious psychological symptom distress, and it is important that the University facilitates that these come back in trials as simple as possible. Therefore, sick and students heading back to studies after illness few select mandatory seminars, group lessons and laboratory exercises first. The university's facilities should also be accessible to people with disabilities.

3.0 Research, innovation and dissemination

University is an institution of knowledge. New knowledge discovered through research, communicated through teaching, are utilized through innovation and spread through mediation. It is essential that these four tasks considered integrated. The university must be aware of their role as a knowledge operator, not only through research and education, but also as a knowledge bank for the public. University research should therefore be to aim to contribute positively to society. Student Parliament believes that publishing the indicator should be reassessed as a component of finance. This model for financial subsidies does not capture the full range of work being done at the respective institutes. The model should include rewarding dissemination in addition to publishing.

3.1 Research

University will be a leading research university in Norway and the world. To achieve this it is important that the focus on outstanding research. Research and innovation are long-term investments for society. Government must therefore ensure that the Norwegian research efforts be increased to 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the long term, and ensure a sound basic appropriations. The University will facilitate that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue a career in academia, and must therefore create greater confidence around this that career path. An increasingly large part of the sector is financed today by project support. This should not be an obstacle to hiring researchers and academic staff in permanent positions.

To ensure a high degree of transparency should be funding partners by research and fiansieringsavtalene made available via the university website. All research on energy systems at the University must follow National Research Ethical Guidelines (NENT- the National Research Ethics Committee for Science and Technology).
To make academia attractive as career path and to ensure that research and education are integrated, students should have the opportunity to participate in research projects through such research assistant positions and student active research at the undergraduate level.

3.2 Innovation

In a world with a growing shortage of resources and growing climate changes we are dependent on using our resources in new and smarter ways. Increased cooperation across institutions and disciplines is essential to find good solutions. In order to create a bridge between university, industry, labor and other social UiO must facilitate cooperation with industry. An important source of innovation is interdisciplinary cooperation. The University will focus more interdisciplinary projects aimed at specific social issues. This research must be made visible through the creation of topics where the latest research being implemented in teaching also at the undergraduate level. In this way, the research designed to promote student-run and / or student-initiated projects. Research is not innovation until it gets a new value in society, and for that reason it is important that the University must have good systems for the research is to be commercialized and redistributed. Therefore, the University provide adequate support to Inven2 so that both staff and students can get sufficient support to realize their ideas. They must also facilitate innovation parks.

3.3 Dissemination

Outreach is an important part of the university's social tasks. Therefore dissemination be a separate component that gives count of the funding. University must increasingly take dissemination responsibility seriously by actively encouraging staff and students both to convey his subject through channels other than traditional research publishing, and to participate in public debate. The university is bound to find good arrangements for rewarding work with textbooks and similar forms of communicative research. Furthermore, the university will have to adopt several measures to disseminate, as Massive Open Online Courses (Mooc), popular science lectures and publishing in Open Access. Publishing in Open Access must be given greater recognition. To give students the tools to engage in effective dissemination from the outset, it is important to have a focus on formidlingsfag, often across faculties.

Museums play an important role in the work as natural bridge between academia and society, and must be secured financial frameworks that allow for necessary renovation. To finance system works today is the financial framework for the university as manager of museums all too narrow. Where there is uncertainty as to the premises of the museums have this settled as soon as possible. Working with museum exhibits represent the research work that benefit the general public good at large scale and should be rewarded as publishing work. Students should be included in the work of the exhibitions, and it is particularly important that the mediation target children and adolescents. Therefore, the school must be an important partner. It is particularly important that the communication directed towards children and young people, and schools must therefore be an important partner.

4.0 The university's social responsibility

UiO is a great corporate citizen that both shapes and develops future. It is therefore important that the University is aware of its social responsibility by being a pioneer institution in the central challenges of the present and future society.

4.1 Climate and Environment

Climate change and environmental issues is our greatest challenge. Universities and colleges have the responsibility to find solutions that reduce emissions and preserve biodiversity. Moreover, the institutions must help to create an economy based on renewable energy sources. To achieve this it is essential that it educates conscious citizens and the research and innovation priority. University has through its position as one of the country's largest research and educational institution unique opportunities, but also a special responsibility to contribute in this area. University should take responsibility for meeting environmental and climate challenges through research and education on environmental relevance and the sustainability. University should offer multidisciplinary education related problems and solutions for sustainable development. Furthermore, the university must promote environmental expertise, and make students prepared to exercise sustainable environmental ethics.

Research on green, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions should always be prioritized higher than research that contributes to increased petroleum extraction. As a key member of society should UiO championing a permanent phase-out of oil research, while they build the world's leading research on renewable energy sources. Student Parliament recognizes that such a process must be gradual, but the intention is the total liquidation of the oil dependent society. The university must follow up its ambitious climate targets by implementing concrete measures, but also have a long-term vision of being a green university. Furthermore, the University follow up the obligations arising under the writing of Copernicus Charter. The Charter describes the role of the university's educational institutions, and states that it is the university's duty to promote environmental expertise and sustainable practice of environmental ethics in society. UiO's investments must follow ethical guidelines that increasingly emphasize environmental and human rights considerations.

4.2 Equality

The university will contribute to social cohesion through the provision of free education to all, regardless of social background, gender, ethnicity, nationality and disability. Gender equality is not just about equal opportunities, but also to create a university that reflects the diversity of society. The university must ensure that the arrangements offered are available and effective. The university must arrange for all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations and be conscious of intersectionality in equality strangers measures.

University has the responsibility to arrange for students with disabilities, and that the university has responsibility for ensuring that these students know their rights. Student Parliament believes that gender balance should be sought in all forums, as this contributes to an improvement in the learning and working environment. Chauvinism and sexual harassment should be actively combated and turned down hard. Student Parliament believes it is essential for a good learning environment that students have legal protection against retaliation. Gender balance is skewed the higher up you come among the academic staff, and it is problematic that fewer than 30% of professors at the University are women. Therefore, it must be made more attractive to choose academia as career also for women. University must allocate more resources to investigate the structures that create this difference. Temporary positions for PhD is an obstacle to equality. The university must prioritize permanent positions, as this provides predictability and security for the work situation. In addition, one must be adept at both short- and long-term measures that have been shown to get more women to choose a career in academia. Examples of this can be better preparation for candidates in maternity and career counseling.

It is a challenge that gender is strongly underrepresented in some studies at the University. This creates poorer learning environment, and future bias in employment within the sectors concerned. To meet society's future needs and strive for a representative student body, must be introduced gender points on studies where one gender over time is represented by less than 25 percent, together with other measures for broader recruitment of students. The university must continue its focus on motivating and attitude modification measures, but also open to more radical measures such as gender points and quotas.
UiO shall be equally accessible to all, regardless of religion and conviction. Therefore it is important that all teaching at the University takes place in value-neutral space, that teaching is available to all and that students are treated equally regardless of religious clothing or expressions.

4.3 Solidarity

As an institution with many resources UiO should have as an objective to ensure that these have an effect beyond the UiO and Norwegian borders. Through free dissemination of knowledge via open access is ensured kunnskapsutvesling between different countries.

Student Parliament supports students in struggle against violent and discriminatory regimes. The scheme for admission of political expelled students to the University is an important step in this struggle, and must be strengthened. NOKUT approval process of refugees' education must go faster so that the refugees faster can continue their course of study or enter the work force.

Student Parliament think that the University should not allow companies that violate international law, human rights or indigenous rights to attend the Career Fair. UiO must fight for freedom of speech and academic freedom in the international arena, and will influence our partners wherever possible. The University will continue to take part in the work of Scholars at Risk (SAR).

Each year, over 10 million people of diseases for which there is effective drug therapy. A large proportion of these drugs originated from research at publicly funded universities. When patents on such drugs are sold, there may be a requirement for the pharmaceutical companies who buy them, including the people in low- and middle-income countries should benefit from them. As Forest University in Norway adopted UiB in 2013 principles for how research and research results can best contribute to increasing access to medicines and medical treatment in developing countries, and Student Parliament will work to ensure that a similar scheme introduced by the University.

5.0 Internationalization

It is natural that an internationally recognized university which UiO is visible outside the country. The University will be part of a vibrant international knowledge exchange. This is achieved through international cooperation agreements that facilitate research collaboration and mobility among both students and researchers.

5.1 Internationalisation at home

University of Oslo will have a vibrant international environment, also on its own campus. It is fundamental that all international students are offered free Norwegian lessons. Moreover UiO needs well organized redeemed, international research and a wide topic offer other languages ​​than Norwegian. It will be implemented a system where the sensor gets to know about students writing examinations in Norwegian, but who do not have Norwegian as their mother tongue. These should be considered only at the academic and not on language skills. International students should get thorough introduction to what is expected of an answer by the relevant department of the University. Several master programs should be English. Funding in the higher education sector must facilitate the internationalization at the University premieres.

A good and affordable housing for international students is essential to ensure that the University is available and attractive to cash-in. All ensured by housing guarantee for international students is maintained. It must be taken to ensure that international and Norwegian students more closely integrated. Both domestic and international students should have access to the same information and participate in the same activities. Therefore, important information on UiO's web pages will be published in both Norwegian and English.

The research is in its essence international. It is important for the quality of university research that one is participating in an international research environment. University should facilitate international mobility also for researchers. University will also offer good Norwegian language courses to all international academic staff. New academic positions will generally be advertised internationally.

5.2 Internationalisation out

Exchanges offer new perspectives, new social and professional impulses and promotes cultural diversity and respect. This is positive for the individual student, university and for society as a whole.
UiO will therefore facilitate simple application processes in connection with the exchange and simplify the process for approval of subjects taken abroad. The university will reach the goal of 20% exchange rate by 2020. To achieve a more holistic international perspective, the university will create several joint degrees at feeder level in cooperation with relevant institutions in other countries. All study programs will add up to 30 free credits collected in a semester, and that this semester called exchange semester in the program to applications.

An international perspective is also important for researchers. The University will continue with both encouraging and facilitating faculty members have research stays at foreign institutions.

6.0 Welfare

Anyone who wishes to have the same opportunities to study at the University. To realize the principle of equal rights to education, we are dependent on welfare services adapted for whole diversity that make up the student body.

Students' basic welfare needs to be covered in areas such as student funding, housing, public transport, kindergarten, health and leisure activities. Welfare offer should be flexible and prepared students' different abilities and needs. Student should be a supplement to the regular municipal and state welfare, and not a replacement.

The university must take the mental health of students seriously. Given SHOT survey should therefore University implement measures that improve mental health and well being of all students. Several low-threshold psychologist offers should be prioritized. Advance shall be implemented in all faculties, funding will come from the University's central administration.

Student Life in Oslo and Akershus is responsible for providing student welfare to students at the University. Students pay for their welfare through the semester fee, and samskipnaden shall ensure to offer the most welfare for those funds. University shall make premises available for samskipnaden through Freestyle bond agreements so that welfare services are added to the campus, and is as close to the students as possible.

While students have not followed the overall population increase in prosperity in many areas, housing prices in densely populated areas as Oslo seen a sharp rise. State and municipalities must ensure students' welfare and equal access to education by building 3,000 more student housing annually. Furthermore, the financing of studies cover housing and living costs, and must therefore be linked to 1.5G and distributed over 11 months, with the goal of realizing full-time student.

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