National responsibility for learning enviroment

The student parliament at UiO passed a resolution on the 5th of february 2015 about the Norwegian student organization's responsibility for working to improve the learning enviroment for the students.

A good learning environment is crucial if the students are to do well in their studies and will help prevent students from dropping out. It is important to point out that much improvemnt has been achieved by local LMUs (Learning enviroment committees) in improving the learning enviroment.

Nevertheless we believe that by having a broader national focus on learning enviroment could work more systematically towards establishing new regulations for students learning environment and ensuring students' rights on the national level. This will be a very useful supplement to the good work locally and national instance could also have a coordinating role for the work that is done locally. Student Parliament at the University of Oslo therefore wish that thee Norwegian Student Organization (NSO) take a broader national responsibility for the learning environment and increasingly set this on the national agenda.

The Student Parliament at the University asks the NSO to:

  • evaluate whether the NSO can take a coordinating role in working with students their learning environment.
  • evaluate whether there is need for a specific learning coordinator in NSO.
  • evaluate whether there are other ways one can ensure effectiveness in the work for student learning enviroment.
Published Feb. 16, 2015 4:15 PM
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