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Strategic Action Plan 2014-15

The Strategic Action Plan describes the political and organizational goals The Student Parliament at UiO is focused at completing in 2014-15. It functions as the Executive Committee's work program.

The Student Parliament demands

  1. that Norwegian publicly funded education should be free for all students.
  2. that the students be represented with at least 20 % in all collegial decision-making bodies including Forum of Deans.
  3. a lasting effort to improve the education in pedagogy, didactics and digital teaching tools for lecturers.
  4. that UiO in cooperation with the students develop quality indicators that better reflect quality of education and teaching environment.
  5. that the students be automatically given access to the censors evaluation.
  6. increased use of varied forms of education and evaluation such as seminars, home assignments, and oral presentations.
  7. that programs at UiO must facilitate practical experience through internships and other cooperations with relevant employers where the accreditation is done through paid work.
  8. that UiO introduces economic sanctions for delayed exam evaluations where the proceeds of the sanctions shall be earmarked teaching environment projects.
  9. that UiO evaluate alternative forms of admission at more programs.
  10. that UiO introduce mandatory academic writing courses on relevant introductonary courses in bachelorprograms. The courses should be held at the beginning of the semester, parallel with potential qualifying exam paper seminars.
  11. that the university introduce a pilot project for 24/7 libraries.
  12. a trial lecture as an important criteria in all new hires of scientific employees. 
  13. the introduction of researcher study programs as is done in the medical faculty.
  14. That relevant and current research should be integrated into teaching.
  15. that more research from UiO be published with Open Access.
  16. that more faculties offer an elective course on dissemination of knowledge.
  17. that UiO prioritize research on green, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and phase out alle research on petroleum.
  18. city-bikes on campus.
  19. introduction of real waste sorting in every building operated by UiO.
  20. that UiO strengthen the ethical guidelines for the management of its financial funds in terms of environmental and human rights concerns.
  21. a central facilitation application office for students with special needs, and that students with permanent needs should not have to reapply for facilitation every semester.
  22. that free Norwegian courses will be offered to all international students.
  23. that all information on the UiO webpages should be available in both Norwegian and English.
  24. that all bachelor programs include 30 “free” credits in the same semester in order to facilitate practical work, international student mobility and interdisciplinarity.
  25. that pre-approved exchange programs does not need to be evaluated again after ended exchange.

The Student Parliament will

  1. translate basic documents, primary information on the websites and campaign materials to English.
  2. provide training to student representatives in the universities  boards, councils and committees.
  3. strengthen communication between student representatives in various bodies at UiO.
  4. Evaluate the utilty of our membership in The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO).
  5. review Examen Philosphicum and develop suggestions to change and improve the subject.
  6. start an international cooperation project with at least one foreign student democracy to be chosen by the Student Parliament.
  7. Work to get Villa Eika sertified as a climate lighthouse.
  8. When necessary, hire a translator for student parliament meetings to ensure full participation of every representative.
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