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The Labour List


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Contact person: 

Victoria Langø

Top 5 issues:

  1. Work relevant lectures and ECTS from internships
  2. A universally designed campus
  3. No to the honours-program
  4. It should be easy to be a student association
  5. Grades should always come with an explanation

Gruppebilde AL


We believe in solidarity, academic freedom and community! We are the social democratic list of the University of Oslo. Our goal is to be the voice for a better and more inclusive student life. That is why we will work on returning life back to campus. Our vision is a universally designed campus accessible by all students, and the Labour List is your guarantee for quality while you study. We will fight for an easier and better student life, and we hope to get the students trust to continue doing so.


Our daily life has been put to the test the last two years, and the job market has never been more uncertain as it is today. The Labour List wishes for the university to give us a relevant education for the job market we are facing. The Labour List wants to intertwine relevant work life with our education, internships shall give ECTS. The Labour List demands that UiO take their responsibilities seriously and give students the education they deserve. The buildings on campus need to be modernized, we need more dedicated areas to read and all students should get their exams justified.

Student life is about so much more than just lectures and syllabus, a living breathing campus needs a combination of a strong social and academic community. That is why the Labour List will fight to preserve the small and medium sized student associations.

We’re also dependent on a broad student democracy that stands together in the fight for increasing the student loans to 1,5G. The Labour List demands a livable student loan. The pricing of the private housing rental market in Oslo has far surpassed what students are able to afford, and the Labour List believes that all students should have a place to live that is tailored to an active student life. We will work on building more, and affordable, student dorms. The Labour List takes the student’s fights into the student parliament. If the students don’t fight for each other, then who will?

Do you agree with us? Vote A-lista 28. april – 5. may!

Top candidates

Kristine Vilde Sandtrøen
1st candidate: Kristine Vilde Sandtrøen (25 years)
Studying: Development studies and public administration and management at SV.
Favorite place at UiO: The sunny wall on Frederikkeplassen
Oliver Mydske
2nd candidate: Oliver Mydske (21 years)
Studying: Political science at SV
Favorite place at UiO: U1 <3
Hans-Markus Jensvold Kverneng
3rd candidate: Hans-Markus Jensvold Kverneng (25 years)
Studying: History at HF
Favorite place at UiO: The sofa in Sophus Bugges hus

Any question? Contact leader of the political list Victoria Langø.

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I prefer labor list party - May 3, 2018 10:56 AM

My vote is for labor list party - May 3, 2018 10:57 AM
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