Political platform The Guest List

It’s time for a student politic that is about the student. We want to focus on what the Student Parlament at UiO is not talking about. The Guest List wishes to work for the ordinary tings students experiences during their study period, such as boring lectures, bad services on campus and inconvenient study time. We want a Vinmonopol on Blindern, no exams 18th of May og ICT-training for all teachers and professors at UiO!


The Guest List wants a lively campus. Our vision is a campus with Vinmonopol, food-trucks and Olafiaclinic. We want campus to be a place where the students actually wants to hang out. We want a Fredrikkeplass where The Norwegian Studentsociety can have a beer tent, where garden furniture and food trucks is a part of a students daily life. We also want dispensers for disposable grills in Fysikkbakken, so that YOU kan grill n’ chill in the sun.


The student life:

The Guest List wants a student life where all teachers at UiO have ICT-training, so that the finally understands how Canvas works and YOU can get an easier student life. We dont want exams at 2nd, 3d, 18th and 19th of May, so YOU don’t have to celebrate Norways best holidays reading at the library. We also want a maximum limit on how many words is allowed on a PowerPoint-slide, a two-week minimum deadline for how long before submission you will be given an assignment, and a better indoor climate after 5 pm, because YOU as a student should be able to breathe after the employees have gone home.


If you want a great time, Vinmonopol, and therapy dogs, vote for The Guest List at the Student Parlament elections!



  1. Vinmonopol on campus
  2. Olafiaklinikk on campus
  3. No exams at 18th of May
Published Apr. 18, 2017 3:46 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2018 10:58 AM
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