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The University of Oslo is not a static institution. There are large influxes of new students every year who have different views on what is most important at a university. A student may be the type who forgets that there is an exam in a subject until the week before, or be the same time as it may be the type who has everything in color codes and planned down to the smallest detail. These as well as the countless other types we have at the University of Oslo deserve a group of people who sees them. Not a list that is small and appears to be an overzealous group of ex student council representatives. No. Students at UiO relate to a greater extent as  to those who actually realize that  university life is an interesting time, where you find out more about yourself. We want you to go to a university that facilitates your working methods and potential. We want a university that welcomes new students with open and welcoming arms. The guest list wants you.


This is not party politics. This is not about ideological points that should set the framework for how you as a student feel. This is about the fact that there are some things that are real shit and that we completely agree with you that are shit. It is a pity that your rent in the student housing increases. It is a problem that you are lonely and have not received the reception as a student you should have received. It is a problem that you pay large sums for something you do not have the opportunity to use or that you do not even care about. We in the guest list see these problems and want to do something about it. Let's talk about it over a beer or five. Let's talk about it over a kebab with or without meat, whatever. The most important thing is that the guest list thought you were innmari cool and we thought we were pretty cool too we love u 

Top 5 issues:

  1. Make SiO cheap again 
  2. International students are more than visitors

  3. Small things and HUGE big societal issues

  4. Mental and sexual health, do it healthy, do not do it until ur healthy.  

  5. List for ALL students 

Top candidates

1st candidate: Adrian Bolstad (23 years)
Studying: Bachelor of Religion and Society at Faculty of Theology
Favorite place at UiO: Bus stop, subway station or tram stop because I often want to go home. Or frederikke because the buffet is dope
Christine Kaalsaas
2nd cnadidate: Christine Kaalsaas (31 years)
Studying: Master of Law at Faculty of Law
Favorite place at UiO: I like it best at a cafe in the city center since the coffee at DJ (Faculty of Law) is not particularly good
3rd candidate: Rifat Naim (23 years)
Studying: Bachelor in Informatics: Design, Use and Interaction at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Favorite place at UiO: Ole Johan Dahls hus



Gruppebilde Gjestelista


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