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The Conservatives

We fight for more freedom & for a more environmentally friendly university. We want to put mental health on the agenda. There should be competition for cheaper prices of curriculum & food. We want studies to have internships. You can read our plan to do so below.

Do you agree with our views? Remember to vote during the student election the 8th-14th of April!

We wish to hear your opinion. Do you have a cause you think we should support, or do you want to join us? Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page. 

Our platform

Freedom for the student

You should be able to decide your own study-weekday. We want reading-halls & gyms open 24/7. Lectures should be recorded on video, pandemic or not, so you have greater flexibility in everyday life. You should have freedom to choose which topics you want, that’s why Exphil should be optional. That way we can make our schedule more relevant & adapted to each individual student.

A green university 

Our vision is that UiO should become a leading university in the fight for our climate. Previously, we in the Moderate List were able to get city bikes to Blindern, recycling at UiO & that Villa Eika certifying as an “environmental lighthouse”.

As a local climate measure, we should cut emissions by having the entire UiO meet the requirements as an “Environmental Lighthouse”. We must take international responsibility therefore UiO should become a leading university within green innovation. The research we produce can be the seed for technology solving the climate crisis. We must strengthen all our institutes contributing to our fight against the climate crisis & work for more international academic cooperation. That way we can make a global difference. 

Taking mental health seriously

Many of us have experienced more loneliness & isolation during the pandemic. We students in particular have been extra vulnerable as we often live in small private dorms far away from family. This shows the importance of taking mental health seriously. Many experiences not getting the mental help needed. Either because you don’t know where to get help, or because help is difficult to get. We must work both proactively by securing more social meeting places both during & after corona. As well as ensuring better mental health service for us students. 

Cheaper curriculum & food

We want to reduce the prices of curriculum & food by opening for more sellers on campus. Because we know that monopolies lead to higher prices & poorer offerings, we want to abolish the SiO monopoly. This way, we ensure competition to offer students the cheapest & best possible offer. 

Work after study

Many experience stress around finding jobs after study. The distance between school- & working life can be large & not everyone knows what one can use their education for. Therefore, we should increase the collaboration between UiO & employers. All fields of study should have more internships because it gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves & apply what we learn. 


Top 5 issues:

  1. 24-hour open reading rooms & SiO Athletica
  2. UiO should be the best within green innovation
  3. Strengthen our mental health care services
  4. Cheaper curriculum & food through competition
  5. Internships for all fields of study

Top candidates

1st candidate: Mathias Meyer (22 years)
Studying: Economics at SV
Favorite place at UiO: Relaxing room at Eilert Sundts Hus
2nd candidate: Astrid Sophie Ulleland (19 years)
Studying: Economics at SV
Favorite place at UiO: Reading room A spot 38 at Eilert Sundts hus
3rd candidate: Joachim Teruel Sandnes (25 years)
Studying: Economics at SV
Favorite place at UiO: U1 at Eilert Sundts hus




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