Starting A New List

Registration of lists

Lists that want to be run for elections have to be registered by the executive committee within February 15th every year. Registration means that the lists must inform about their name and who is the leader of the list. The registration is valid for a year after the list runs for elections. Names of lists can be reused the second year that the list doesn't run for elections.

Lister som ønsker å stille til valg skal være registrert hos SP/AU innen 15.februar. Med registrering menes her hvilket navn fraksjonen skal stille til valg under og hvem som er leder for fraksjonen. Registreringen gjelder til et år etter at listen stilte til valg for siste gang. Andre året listen ikke stiller til valg er navnet fritt.

Requirements for proposing a list for elections

A list can be proposed if:

  1. All the names on the list must fulfill the requirements:
  • The candidates must be registered at the University of Oslo in the election semester. Students with valid leave of absence can be elected.
  • A candidate can only be registered on one list for each election year.

Students that are suggested as candidates in one election, have to let the executive committee know a week after being nominated, that they cannot take part.

Students that are elected according to these rules are obliged to act under the whole election period, unless the control committee believe they can be exempted.

The leader of the list is obliged to have contacted and asked all the candidates on the list if they wish to be on the list. Only candidates that have said yes, can be on the list. If the election-board is informed that a candidate does not want to be on the list, this candidate can be deleted from the list before the elections.

If the election board is informed after the elections that a candidate doesn't want to be elected, this candidate and the votes that the candidate has received, will be deleted.


  1.  The list must be proposed to the executive committee before the election board meeting ends.
  2. The List must be signed by the first person on the list or the one that has registered the list with the executive committee. The list needs to have the full name, address, phone number and study program of all the candidates of the list. On the list that is shown to the voters, the names and the study programs of the candidates will be visible


If you have questions contact Kristina, Communication officer of the Student Parliament:

Tlf:  22 85 70 54

Mobil: 97 14 17 59


Or come by Villa Eika for a cup of coffee!

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