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The Science Party


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Jon Aleksander Prøitz

Top 5 issues

  1. Support student volunteering and -culture
  2. Mental health care on campus, both treatment and preventative care
  3. A more flexible and available student life
  4. Expansion of mentor arrangements to all study programes
  5. Access to field-relevant work placement within all study programes

Gruppebilde RL

Realistlista is a group of committed students who are passionate about improving the everyday lives of students at UiO. Our members have been deeply engaged in student volunteering for a long time, are active in local councils and committees, and are pragmatic and constructive. Since we are all active students in different academic environments, we know where the shoe pinches and more importantly: how to do something about it!


There are many valuable and important issues to work on, but in order to make the most impact, we prioritize individual issues that make your life as a student better. We do this by not committing ourselves to ideological directions, but rather looking at realistic solutions that make students' lives easier and more pleasant.


In short, our political thinking can be summed up with "more student and less politics in student politics".

Top candidates

Jon Aleksander Prøitz
1st candidate: Jon Aleksander Prøitz (23 years)
Studting: Natural sciences at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: The physics hill
Sara Mediå
2nd candidate: Sara Mediå (21 years)
Studying: Bioscience at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: Stairs at the Frederikke square
Marius Torsvoll
3rd candidate: Marius Torsvoll (23 years)
Studying: Nuclear and particle physics at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: The RF basement

Any question? Contact leader of the political list Jon Aleksander Prøitz.

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