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The Liberals


We are many students at UiO, who all have different schedules, sleep patterns, schedules, learning methods, wants and needs. The Liberals see each student individually and understand that different people need different solutions. That’s why we want to ensure that exactly your needs are met and give you more influence over your own studies.

It goes without saying that the same teaching method isn’t suitable for everyone. Have you ever experienced difficulty paying attention to lectures? That something is explained too quickly? Or maybe missed a lecture because of work, a drop-off at the kindergarten or difficulties getting up early? Don’t worry, The Liberals will ensure both digital and physical lectures – also after corona. Lectures can be recorded so that you may split up the lecture, watch them when and wherever it may suit you or watch them again before your exams.

Even though we’ve seen some positive outcomes of the pandemic, such as flexible online lectures, we’ve also seen significant social and economic consequences caused by the pandemic. Between the furloughs and the high rent in Norway’s most expensive city, it can be difficult to make ends meet. That’s why we demand increased scholarships and want to improve the transition from studies to working life. The cooperation with businesses and other actors needs to be increased and more practical subjects must be offered. No students should be empty-handed after completed education.

It’s clear that humans need other humans. Too many students are lonely, find it challenging to get to know other students or think that the pressure of expectations is too difficult to handle. Students’ mental health needs to be taken seriously. That’s why we want to provide more easy-to-access initiatives targeting mental health and stress management, in addition to more social arenas for students – as well as digital ones.

Furthermore, we want to work for more liberty in your student life. We should have the freedom to choose when to read, work out or go to the student bar. That’s why we want the study halls and fitness centers to be open 24/7, to extend the opening hours of the cafeterias and extend the alcohol serving hours at the student bars. If one works during the day, has a different sleep pattern or just enjoys studying at night the most, one should have the same opportunities as all others.

Last, but not least, we have to take care of our future. The environmentally friendly alternative should always be the best, cheapest and easiest choice. We want to work to get UiO certified as an Eco-Lighthouse, to ensure that there are always good vegan and vegetarian alternatives at the eateries and to establish a secondhand bookstore for curriculum at campus.

So, if you desire more flexibility, more freedom, a better student economy, a greener campus, easier transition to working life and more focus on mental health – then you should vote for The Liberals.


Top 5 issues:

  1. Facilitate for both digital and physical lectures.
  2. 24/7 open study halls and fitness centres, and extended opening hours at the eateries.
  3. Facilitate for more easy to access mental health offers and social arenas.
  4. Better the transition to working life: cooperation with businesses and more practical subjects.
  5. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives at the eateries and a secondhand bookstore on campus.


Top candidates

1st candidate: Sivert Arntzen (20 years)
Studying: History at Faculty of Humanities
Favorite place at UiO: The (Foyer?) in Georg Sverdrups hus
2nd candidate: Emma Hylland Mediås (20 years)
Studying: International relations at Faculty of Social Sciences
Favorite place at UiO: The café “Uglebo” at Sofus Bugges hus (good coffee for only 5kr)
3rd candidate: Adrian Tsui Gao (19 years)
Studying: International studies at Faculty of Social Sciences 
Favorite place at UiO: The stair towers on the third floor at the Humsam Library at Georg Sverdrup hus. 




Published Aug. 10, 2016 8:51 PM - Last modified Apr. 7, 2021 5:46 PM
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