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Sivert Arntzen

Top 5 issues

  1. It should be easier for students to live a green lifestyle
  2. Abolish the SiO Monopoly on food and drinks
  3. Freedom to study wherever, whenever
  4. Open campus on sundays!
  5. An initiative to improve students mental health after covid

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UiO is full of students who have different schedules, learning styles, wishes and needs. Liberal list sees each individual and knows that different people need different solutions. Therefore, we want to ensure that your needs are taken care of and give you more power over your own everyday studies.


Liberal List are aware of the seriousness of the climate crisis. UiO must be a pioneering institution in green solutions. We want the services UiO and SIO offer to facilitate students to primarily make green choices. This includes better vegetarian and vegan alternatives at campus food courts, more and better public transport solutions, a goal to have less overall car use and greater investments in second-hand shops. These policies make it easier for students to take green decisions.


Why should a single organization dictate what food the students can buy on campus? Monopoly gives us higher prices and worse selections of goods. Students are better off with broader and freer offers where more companies can offer their products. Therefore, the Liberal List will work to abolish the SiO Monopoly on food and drink.


One form of studying does not suit everyone. Liberal List want to facilitate both digital and physical education after the pandemic. Lectures should be recorded, enabling students to see them whenever and wherever, or see them again as practice before exams. Furthermore, we´ll work for greater freedom in everyday student life. We demand student´s freedom to choose when they want to read, exercise, or go to the student bar. Therefore, we want study rooms open 24-hours, as well as gyms, and SiO restaurants. If you work during the day, have a different sleep schedule, or just prefer working in the evening, you should have the same opportunities as everyone else.


The pandemic has hurt students generally, but it´s probably damaged students' mental health the most. The Liberal List therefore wants an effort for mental health after the pandemic. This includes removing the deductible at SiO Mental Health and facilitating low-threshold services aimed at mental health and stress management, as well as more meeting places for students - also digitally.

Top candidates

Sivert Arntzen
1st candidate: Sivert Arntzen (21 years)
Studying: Political science at SV
Favorite place at UiO: The foyer at Georg Sverdrups hus
Bendik Haave
2nd candidate: Bendik Haave (19 years)
Studying: History at HF
Favorite place at UiO: The energy drink section at Bunnpris
Sofie Stray Engebretsen
3rd: Sofie Stray Engebretsen (20 years)
Studying: Political science at SV

Any question? Contact leader of the political list Sivert Arntzen.

Published Aug. 10, 2016 8:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 30, 2022 4:28 PM
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