Political platform The Leftist Alliance

The leftist alliance (VA) is a feminist, anti-racist and socialistic student organization that fights for a more equal, environmentally friendly and solidaristic University.

Peace, freedom and skilled lecturers.


We want a more diverse University!

The sullabus need more female contributers, and we want arrangements that ensures a diverse student group. Harassment is a known problem, also at UiO. All students and employees in leading positions needs to be lectured in handling cases of harassment.


International solidarity:

The world is bigger than our back yard!

We need to open our doors to student refugees, and cut academic ties to regimes that supresses human rights.  Whatever deals UiO make have to be ethically right.

A lot of international students experience isolation from fellow students. We want them included in the ordinary semester start program.



Enable the fulltime student!

The study support needs to be equal to a living wage, and the welfare services must be cheaper. We want lower wages to the SiO directors, and the profit should be spent on student wellfare.
No privatization of the services, the student needs to maintain their ability to influence them.



We want a greener university!

SiO food and beverage must be run environmentally friendly, food should not be thrown. City bikes must become cheaper for students, and we need more bicycle racks on campus and at the student villages.  

We want more green areas at campus, rather parks than parking lots!

Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:17 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2018 11:30 AM
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