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Elisabeth Hoksmo Olsen 

Top 5 issues

  1. Increase student support to 2.5 G!
  2. Co2 labeling of canteen food and better vegetarian offerings
  3. More money for the student associations, reduce the NSO contingent
  4. Free sanitary products in all toilets
  5. Cancel the deductible on SiO mental health

Gruppebilde VA


The Leftist Alliance(VA) is a feminist, anti-racist and socialist student organization that fights for an equal, green and solidary university. Our goal is just and democratic institutions and societies; a socialist democracy, where each individual is free to develop themselves, and where there is no structural oppression due to class, gender, skin color, disabilities or sexual orientation.


A fair education system should educate everyone who wants it, regardless of class background. Students can’t afford essential expenses, and are forced to have part-time jobs in addition to being full-time students. Student support must be increased to 2.5G to secure the students' financial situation, and make it possible to be a full-time student, and have time to be involved in student life. VA also wants to redistribute the Norwegian Student Organization’s membership fee to strengthen the student associations' finances. NSO does an important job, but they have lots of money in funds, and spend large sums on national conferences and full-time politicians. VA wants to reduce NSO's sky-high contingent, so that the money can go to all of Oslo's student volunteering instead.


VA takes mental and physical health seriously. Access to sanitary products must be free in the same way as toilet paper. Menstruation is not optional, and the cost of sanitary products creates a fundamental imbalance between the sexes. The university shall be an institution that stands out as an example of good gender equality. In addition, VA believes that students' mental health must be given priority over high management salaries. SiO must remove the deductible for mental health. It’s antisocial and creates a greater barrier to obtaining help.


It should be easy to make good, sustainable choices in everyday life. VA believes that all food in UiO's canteens should be CO2-labeled, so that you can easily make informed food choices on the go. The vegetarian offer must be strengthened, and must constitute a full-fledged alternative to meat with regard to nutrition, selection and taste.


We are a student organization independent of political parties, and we welcome all members who share our values! See our complete political program here.

Top candidates

Sigve Grøndahl Fredriksen
1st candidate: Sigve Grøndahl Fredriksen (19 years)
Studying: Psychology profession at SV
Favorite place at UiO: HumSam library
Ane Mæstad
2nd candidate: Ane Mæstad (21 years)
Studying: Life Sciences/ Bio Science at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: Herb garden
Malena Tjensvold Reese
3rd candidate: Malena Tjensvold Reese (21 years)
Studying: Philosophy at HF
Favorite place at UiO: The foyer at Georg Morgenstiernes hus!

Any question? Contact leader of the political list Elisabeth Hoksmo Olsen.

Published Aug. 10, 2016 8:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 30, 2022 5:05 PM
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