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The Leftist Alliance

The Leftist Alliance (VA) is a feminist, anti-racist and socialist student organization that fights for an equal, green and solidary university. We are a student organization independent of political parties, and we welcome all members who share our values!

Reduce the rent in student housing.

SiO has to permanently reduce rent to make it possible for students to live off of their Lånekassen-support. Students are living in a poverty crisis. A lot of students struggle to make ends meet, due to a lack of support from the government, and due to SiO-rent being too close to market rates in the areas where they build student housing. This is why we want a reduction of rent.

Focus on feminism

The university needs more women in academic positions and we need a greater gender balance, and a more diverse syllabus. Equality in academia is far from good enough. In academia today, there are more women who study at the university, but there are still few professors and associate professors with a female gender identity. A lot of study programs struggle with an enormous majority of one gender. In these cases gender points would be appropriate.

Environmental and solidary research at UiO

Research at UiO should not be carried out in cooperation with environmentally harmful companies, and UiO needs to be transparent about which companies that are financing research at the university. The research at UiO should contribute to a better world and future for all of us, not just promote the financial interests of environmentally harmful companies.

Increase student-support to 2.5 G!

It is unacceptable that students in Oslo can’t afford to cover their essential expenses while receiving full grants and loans. Students are forced to have part time jobs in addition to being full time students to afford rent and food. The corona situation has only accentuated og worsened this situation by making it even harder to find a job. The Lånekassen-support has to be increased to 2.5 G to make it possible to be a full time student and have the spare time to be able to engage in student life.

Abolish the Honours-program

Honours-program with increased financing and facilitation compared to ordinary programs should be abolished. The university should not enforce a divide between “A-students” and “B-students”. The University should not spend tons of money on certain elite programs while other programs are being downgraded. Education should have as its main goal to offer education to everyone who wants to study, independently of social background.


Topp 5 issues: 

  1. Reduce rent in student housing

  2. Feminism in focus

  3. Environmental and solidary research at UiO

  4. Increase student support to 2.5 G

  5. Abolish the Honours-program

Top candidates

1st candidate: Elisabeth Hoksmo Olsen (22 years)
Studying: Lector in social studies and nordic at UV
Favorite place at UiO: Traugots kjeller
2nd candidate: Nora Marie Hager (19 years)
Studying: Sociology at SV
Favorite place at UiO: Reading rooms at Faculty of Law
3rd candidate: Ajat Adel (23 years)
Studying: Communication, design and learning at UV
Favorite place at UiO: Georg Sverdrups hus





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