Political Platform Internationalista

Internationalista represents internationally oriented students at UiO. Creating an international learning environment is about sharing knowledge from different standpoints in order to come to a common understanding.

Our Three Core Points:


Information on Norwegian labor law and the Norwegian Labor Authority must be offered in Norwegian and English to all students during Semester Start.

There is considerable need for students to receive information on Norwegian labor law and, in addition, information on how one can get in touch with the Norwegian Labor Authority in the case of bad or illegal working conditions. Information must be offered in both Norwegian and English so that international students get the information they need to safely navigate Norwegian working life.


Broader internationalization at UiO

UiO should be a leading global university. Therefore, we will continue to work for better inclusion of international employees and students in UiO’s democratic bodies. In addition, we will fight for an expanded Norwegian course offering.


The protection of learning opportunities in conflict areas for internationally oriented study programs so long as they do not contribute to breaches of international law or lead to further conflict.

As a principle, Internationalista stands against boycotts aimed against specific countries. We will support the strengthening of points in Student Parliament’s action plan that prevent UiO from contributing to breaches of international law or war crimes to better show solidarity with students in conflict areas. We believe, however, that it is critical that UiO students, especially those in internationally oriented study programs, have the academic freedom to comprehensively research these conflicts.


Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:09 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2018 11:26 AM
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