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Infoplakat Grønn liste

Since 2015, the Green List has fought for a greener and more sustainable university. We have gained support for our focus on climate and environment in the universitys’ strategy 2030 and for making SiO greener. We are a very committed group of students who want the University of Oslo to be in the driver's seat to solve the challenges we face today and in the future. Even though we are in a demanding pandemic that creates completely new and unforeseen challenges, we are still in a climate and environmental crisis. Green List believes that the UiO must be part of the solution to these challenges.

Green List believes that the UiO must give greater priority to the climate and environmental crisis, which requires hard work and innovation. In order for the university to follow up on what has been decided in strategy 2030, it is important, now more than ever, that the University of Oslo employs a climate and environmental manager for the entire institution. The Green List is running for election to foresee that the University cuts emissions. We know that it is difficult to break old habits, and therefore we need strong and clear leadership, to make sure that we have ambitious priorities and carry out the action needed to reach our goals. We in Green List know that we can achieve this by focusing on the right priorities, and by putting pressure on the institution.

Green List thinks it’s high time that the campus becomes a greener, more social and more inclusive place. For example, UiO has many rooftops which are not properly taken advantage of, and therefore the Green List wishes to use these potensial green-areas to make social meeting points flourishing with both green life and people. We are also running for a more inclusive campus, which appreciates the diversity of people, and which takes care of all other life around us, in a welcoming environment.

Students live under high pressure, and services related to mental health should therefore be easily accessible. Students who are to be educated and partaking in creating a greener future therefore deserve adequate services that are available to them in times of need. A green student life should not be characterized by mental illness and stress. Therefore, Green List wants to cut the waiting time and deductible at SiO mental health, and move away from the school exam where this is appropriate, as has been done in the past year.

The last 6 years with the Green List's presence prove that voluntary work and student policy give results. We can see that our work pays off, and we will not give up. We have several good solutions, and are ready to work hard for the green shift to come to life. If you want to be part of a university that is a leader in the green shift, in a city that takes care of its students, then the Green List is the choice for you!

Top 5 issues

  1. Yes to a green and social campus NOW!
  2. Climate and environment manager and sustainability department for the entire university
  3. Prioritize students' mental health - cut waiting time and deductible
  4. UiO must facilitate that students and staff can contribute to emission reductions
  5. Home exams / hand-in assignments should be used where possible


Top candidates

1st candidate: Charlotte Hjort (22 years)
Studying: Japan studies (master) at Faculty of Humanities
Favorite place at UiO: All the rooms I have rented for D&D Blindern and played role-playing games in. Especially P.A.M.
2nd candidate: Adrian Leander Skagen (20 years)
Studying: Master of Laws at Faculty of Law
Favorite place at UiO: The old cat stable outside Domus Bibliotheca. If you want a more general place you can say the rooms with fiction in the basement of the HumSam library
3rd candidate: Annika Syverstad (21 years)
Studying: Political science, bachelor at Faculty of Social Sciences
Favorite place at UiO: 3rd floor at GS <3





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