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Contact person: 

Charlotte Hjort

Top 5 issues: 

  1. UiO should become welcoming, people-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.

  2. Nature/animals must be prioritized ahead of cars and “pretty lawns”!
  3. Student housing shall be cheap and eco-friendly, not pompous.
  4. Digital teaching must be prioritized when considering accessibility at UiO.
  5. The resting rooms must be improved and advertised better.

Gruppebilde GL

Green List is the green choice in the student election. Already, we have succeeded in applying Climate-chiefs at UiO. Now we need your vote to hold UiO accountable in reducing its climate footprint. We know where to put our energy. If it is by; demanding more space for nature and animals, getting more plant-based foods in cafeterias, or keep a close eye on UiO.

Because our university has done things like; throwing away big amounts of working office furniture, fly unnecessary, and not having a sufficient plan for reducing their emissions where it counts. This year we will fight for the emission reduction and price reduction at the same time by proposing more student housing where kitchen and bathroom are shared spaces. We are certain that this is the best solution as there is a housing shortage, as well as high prices.

Lately Green List has become more aware that UiO are in dire need of an accessibility rehabilitation. Since last year, Green List has worked hard to better accommodate for students with disabilities to give all students a fair chance to go to higher education and succeed. Resting rooms at campus, gender-netural toilets/nursing rooms, and short lines to SiO Health (especially for mental health) will continue to be our priorities.

In addition, many of the new digital tools that has popped up under the pandemic have been a huge help for many students with disability. It is for this reason we wish to keep or improve “digital studies”. We will demand that professors shall upload lectures online. We will fight for examination with all aid available and online examination wherever it is possible. Also, we want an alternative for all courses where those with trouble meeting physically can join digital groups/seminars. We do not want to abolish physical teaching but believe that there should be alternatives, so we do not lose any good students.

Green List demand solutions that think ahead, because there is no guarantee that UiO or SiO go in a green direction. Vote for Green List for a more people-friendly everyday life.

Top candidates

Charlotte Hjort
1st candidate: Charlotte Hjort (24 år)
Studying: Master in Japanese studies at HumSam
Favorite place at UiO: Forever looking for my supervisor at P.A.M. 3rd floor.
2nd candidate: Jonas Fløde (25 år)
Studying: Mathematics at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: RF-basement
3rd candidate: Embla Imset (26 years)
Studying: Master in Bio-chemistry at MatNat
Favorite place at UiO: Herb garden outside of KB

Any question? Contact leader of the political list Charlotte Hjort.

Published Aug. 10, 2016 8:51 PM - Last modified Mar. 30, 2022 3:49 PM
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