Guidelines for the selection process for the Executive Committee 2016

Student elections will be held the 5th  -12th  of April. Eight factions are running for election and vying for the 27 seats in the Student Parliament. At the first meeting on 12th of May, a new Executive Committee will be elected for the period 2015/2016.

We wish the factions and candidates luck in student elections and in the electoral process!

The decision of the SP meeting on 5 February (note that this was deliberated on in Norwegian and the Norwegian text is the official document, the English translation is meant to help non-Norwegian speakers)


1. Announcing Candidacy

Anyone who wants to run for Student Parliament Executive Committee has to fill out an online form provided by the EC on the student Parliament webpages. It is up to each candidate if they want to advertise their candidacy via social media or the like. Candidate forms will be made public when candidate deadline to be considered by the nominating body is exited.


2. Negotiations

Negotiations will be held with one negotiator from each faction and one representative from the faculty student councils. Factions choose who they want to negotiate on behalf of their faction.

The aim of the negotiations is to establish a diverse and well rounded Executive Committee, considerations should be made on the basis of both political representativety and competence/ experience of candidates.

Before the negotiations are conducted there will be a round of interviews where the factions are sitting in separate rooms, and candidates rotate between rooms. In addition, there will be one room for faculty student councils. This will give the factions and their representatives a good basis to assess candidates.

The result of the negotiations must be approved by the representatives of the factions in the Student Parliament. If the results are not accepted by one or more lists, one can have a new round of negotiations or acknowledge that it is open disagreement on one or more of these positions.


3. Get to know the candidates

In order for the representatives in SP to get to know the candidates there must be a set of events for the factions to get to know the candidates. The following are regarded as the main framework and a minimum in addition to the activities adopted in paragraph 3:

  • Publication of the candidate forms
  • Candidate Dinner, where the current EC invite the candidates(as in 2014). The intention is that candidates are better acquainted.


4. Mandate for negotiations

The negotiations must:

  • Arrive at a comprehensive proposal for an executive committee
  • Assess the candidates' qualifications and suitability.
  • Endeavor to find a group of people who are able to cooperate
  • Contact all candidates before setting / negotiation results are published
  • Write a protocol of the meeting that will be provided to the Student Parliament


5. Key Dates

Updates are coming

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