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The Student elections has started

Elections for the next Student Parliament is held March 23-27. Vote for your student trustees at!

It is time for the annual student elections! In the student elections the students cast their vote for how they want the University of Oslo to be run. The Student Parliament is the supreme representative body of the students at the University.

All students who are registered for the spring semester 2015 have a right to vote, you can therefore vote even if you are only taking a semester or individual courses at university.

In this year's election eight factions are competing for your vote to be represented in the Student Parliament, The University Board, The Welfare Council in Oslo and Akershus, and The National Union of Students in Norway. More information about the factions and their politics for 2015-2016 can be found at

The election will be held between the 23rd and 27th of March, and there will be debates and other activities on campus.

You vote by logging onto, select a faction list, make any changes that you may want, and click "vote." Get out the vote!

Debates during the election

  • Frirday March 20, 14:00, at Helga Engs hus: "Studiekvalitet" (No.)
  • Monday March 23, 12:00, at Fredrikke cafeteria: "Den store debatten"(No.)
  • Tuesday March 24, 18:00, at U1 student pub: "Livet rundt studiene"(No.)
  • Wednesday March 25, 12:00, at Uglebo café: "A global UiO" (En.)
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