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Is your lecturer the best teacher at UiO?

Each year, the Student Parliament awards a prize for excellent teaching at UiO. Now you can nominate your best teacher to this year's teaching prize.

Last year, the prize was awarded to Jo Klaveness, professor of pharmacy, and the laureate of 2013 was postdoctoral researcher in political science, Øivind Bratberg.

All students at UiO can nominate candidates for the prize, and all teachers at UiO can be nominated. The nomination must contain a justification for why the candidate deserves to win the prize for teacher of the year 2015. Nominations may be submitted to by April 10th

Statutes for the Student Parliament’s Teaching Prize


Individuals, groups and entities that have made an effort to enhance the teaching at the University of Oslo.


All students at UiO can nominate candidates for the prize. The nomination and justification must be submitted to

The justification should describe the efforts of the candidate(s) and include how the person or entity has

  • Made an extra effort to stimulate good learning
  • Promoted innovation in teaching
  • Made sure that the innovation has an effect beyond the individual or entity’s own area
  • Increased the students' interest in and dedication to their subject
  • Achieved results from good teaching

The justification must show how the nominee satisfies at least some of these criteria, but does not have to include all of them. The justification should also include references to contact persons for more background information.


The prize will be announced in advance of the Student Parliament’s constitutive meeting each spring term. The period of nomination is March 9th to April 10th. The prize will be publicly announced.

Award committee

The prize is awarded by a committee with five members. The committee is led by a member of the Student Parliament's Committee for Academic Affairs, appointed by the Committee for Academic Affairs itself. The leader’s vote counts for two if votes are equal in the award committee.

The other members of the award committee are:

  • A student from the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry or the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • A student from the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Humanities
  • A student from the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Theology or the Faculty of Education
  • A member of the Student Parliament

The student councils from the respective faculties are asked to find a fitting representative.

The Executive Committee of the Student Parliament provides a secretary for the award committee.

Size of the prize

The prize is NOK 10 000.

By Runar B. Mæland
Published Mar. 23, 2015 10:31 AM - Last modified Mar. 23, 2015 10:31 AM
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