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– Alive they were taken, alive we want them back!

We are shocked by the current situation for student activists in Mexico. In co-operation with the Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (LAG), we today held a demonstration to honor and show support for the Mexican student movement.

Marianne among empty chairs, each with a photo of one of the 43 missing Mexican student activists.

Marianne Andenæs, President of the Student Parliament at the University of Oslo, among empty chairs.

Marianne Andenæs, the President of the Student Parliament, was one of the speakers at the demonstration. Here's a transcript of her speech:

¡Queridos amigos, compañeros estudiantes!
Dear friends and fellow students!

My name is Marianne Andenæs and I’m the president of the Student Parliament at the University of Oslo. I’m not here today just as a student leader, but as someone who has studied in Mexico and have a big host family in Mexico. Mexico is my second home!

What has happened in Mexico has shocked the world. It is a known fact that many have lost their lives or family members as a direct consequence of the war on drugs and a corrupt government.

What shocked us the 26th of September was the fact that the direct line between drug cartels and the Mexican president became visible for the global society. The possibility for students to demonstrations for better rights and conditions is something we here in Norway take for granted.

Today, we are here to honor and support the Mexican student movement, the Mexican youth and the Mexican people for their courage to stand up and against a government who don’t serve their people.

We show solidarity with the friends and family of the missing students and we show support not only to the Mexican students, but the Mexican civil society. The abduction of the 43 Mexican students has put the world’s eyes on Mexico. Today’s event is a proof that Norwegian students will not turn our back before we see an actual change.

The Mexican president, Peña Nieto, said “ya me canse”, "Now I’m exhausted", but you know what Mr. President, you have no right to say that you are tired. It is your fault that the Mexican government still is filled with corruption and collaboration with the drug cartels. The president has to take responsibility for the missing students. Peña Nieto, we are tired of you! ¡Ya me canse!

¡Queridos compañeros en México, No estén solos!

Fellow students, we have to continue to show support to our comrades in Mexico. Use social media and political contacts, so we together can pressure the Mexican government.

Thank you for being here today. Together we show that we care about students' rights, not only in our own country. The student movement has no borders! We are all students of the world!

The families and friends of the missing students are still hoping to see their beloved once again. We say as they: – Alive they were taken, alive we want them back!

We would like to thank everyone who came to today's demonstration!

Marianne holding her speech.

By Torgeir Lebesbye
Published Feb. 26, 2015 2:18 PM - Last modified Feb. 26, 2015 7:54 PM
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