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We are shocked by the current situation for student activists in Mexico. In co-operation with the Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (LAG), we today held a demonstration to honor and show support for the Mexican student movement.

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A declaration on quality in higher education.

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Student elections wwill be held the 23rd -27th  of March. Eight factions are running for election and vying for the 27 seats in the Student Parliament. At the first meeting on 30th of April, a new Executive Committee will be elected for the period 2015/2016. This year new rules were implemented for how the process of selecting a new executive committee.

Last fall the EC had several meetings with the leaders of the eight factios in the Student Parliament. It became obvious to the EC that the electoral system for the EC was ripe for a discussion in the parliament. The model the Student Parliament has used for year was neither based in the bylaws nor created a predictable framework.

The electoral system was therefore initially discussed in the January meeting and following further dialogue with the factions, a proposal was submitted for the Student Parliament meeting in February. The Student Parliament therefore had to decide whether they wanted to continue the model of negotiations or whether one wanted to introduce a model with a nomination committee.

Student Parliament resolved to retain the bargaining model, but with a formal framework and a clear mandate. The faculty student councils will now be represented in the negotiations for a new executive committee.

We wish the factions and candidates luck in student elections and in the electoral process!

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Each year, the Student Parliament awards a prize for excellent teaching at UiO. Now you can nominate your best teacher to this year's teaching prize.

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The election for the Student Parliament will be held March 23rd to march 27th. Do you want to make a fraction? 

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We are delighted to invite you to the Student Conference 2015. Here you will find more information about the conference and registration form.

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The students elections are now over and the results are ready. Good candidates have been elected as representatives for the students at UiO

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Elections for the next Student Parliament is held March 23-27. Vote for your student trustees at valg.uio.no!