News letter from January

The Anniversary, University Inflation and cuts in student places are among the main news in the world of Student Politics in January.



The biggest happenings this month:

200 year anniversary is on!
The University of Oslo is 200 years old, and the anniversary has received attention in most national newspapers and media at the start of the year.


The year began with the lighting of the new outdoor lighting an the University campus Blindern, and when more than 60 professors were sent out for school visits around the eastern area of Norway.
Youtube: Lysmarkering on Frederikkeplassen

Do we have enough Universities in Norway now?
After The University College of Bodø was converted to the University of Nordland, the debate in Norway has been whether we need more universities or not. Many have argued that it is probably enough now, but there are also people who think it is not so dangerous if we get even more.

Ministry critisies the University of Oslo and Bergen
As a result of cuts in student places at the University of Oslo and Bergen the Ministry of Education and Research has threatened not to allocate more places for the two institutions.
This was followed up with clear messages regarding this in the Allocation Letters the universities got for 2011.

Student Parliament's activities ahead
February will be a busy month for the Student Parliament:
February 8th, "Hug a Professor Day" starts. The background for this activity is to point to the fact that 8 out of 10 students never has talked to a professor. Invite all your fellow students to give your teacher a hug! The student who hugs the most and best will get the chance to win a nice flat-hyped gadget with touch screen.
13.-15. February, the Student Parliament are organizing a large Student Conference in relation to the 200th anniversary . Together, participants will create a manifesto for UiO students. Enroll today!
The following week, February 21-27. the Student Parliament organizes "International Week" in cooperation with a number of student associations. There will be international cuisine in SiO cafeterias, movies, quizzes and of course a big party at DNS!
In addition, we eat lunch at different faculties every Wednesday, and Friday is Waffle Friday at Eika!


What does a B mean? We want input from students, among those who received automatic justification for the examination of Faculty of Social Sciences.
5-April 12 is the election of the Student Parliament. The deadline for submitting lists and list management is February 15th.
Apply for money for the student bodies at the University of Oslo, next deadline is 15 February.


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