Lunch at the Faculties

Come and meet us for lunch every Wednesday!

Foto: Grete Noem

Every week this semester, we in the Student Parliament Committee are having lunch on the different faculties to meet our fellow students. Look for our t-shirts and say hi! : D

Since the view from Villa Eika is limited we have decided to eat lunch on the faculties once a week to visit the various faculties.

Most important is that we in this way, get the chance to talk with students with different experiences in relation to education, practice, curriculum and satisfaction with UiO. It is all too easy for student representatives to generalize on the basis of their own narrow experiences and believe that everyone is like them selves, but the University is a diverse organization, and for us it is vital to hear the voices of everyone.  So say hello if you see us in our t-shirts and tell us how you got it! We are there to greet you!

We start out first with lunch at law students at Domus Nova Wednesday from 12 to 13.00!

Later this semester we have the following list:




Tine Place
Wednesday 26. of January 12-13.00 Psychology, Harald Schelderups hus
Wednesday 2. of February 12-13.00 Odontology, Geitemyrsveien
Wednesday 16. of February 12-13.00 Faculty of Social Sciences, Eilert Sundts hus
Tuesday 22. of February 11.30-12.30 Faculty of Humanities, Sophus Bugges hus, Uglebo
Wednesday 2. of March 12-13.00 Lucy Smiths hus
Wednesday 9. of  March 12-13.00 IFI 2, Forskningsparken
Wednesday 16. of March 12-13.00  , Eilert Sundts hus, U1
Wednesday 23. of March 12-13.00 Faculty of Education, Helga Enghs hus
Wednesday 30. of March 12-13.00 Faculty of Medicine, Domus Medica
Wednesday 27. of April 12-13.00 Faculty of Theology, Blindernveien
Wednesday 5. of May 12-13.00 Physics
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