International Week at UiO

In week 8, February 21th-25thInternational Week takes place at the UiO.

The Student Parliament and a variety of organizations at the University of Oslo have joined together in the creation of International Week. All events will be held in English and we are hoping to create interesting meeting place for international and Norwegian students during the University of Oslo’s anniversary year. The University of Oslo is an international campus and we wish to render this visible through the social activities that takes place while studying.

The program contains seminars, debates, movies, photo exhibitions, quiz, music and sports.

A heartily welcome to International Week from us all. We are looking forward to seeing you!




Join the ISU UiO for free waffles on Frederikplassen at Blindern. No tricks, no traps, just free waffles. That way, we all win.


At Betong, in Chateau Neuf, the Vice Rector Doris Jorde officially opens International Week with a debate about the trend towards Higher Education in Europe, and the introduction of student fees. In the panel: Anne Karine Nymoen (President of the National Assosiation for Students in Norway), Knut Kjellstadlie (Professor at the University of Oslo), Svein Harberg (Member of Parliament, representing the Conservative Party), Mari O. Mamre (Precident of DKSF) and Hilde Ekeberg (KrF).


Movie Night! “Offside” by Jafar Panahi will be showing at Lillesalen, with an introductory lecture by Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, co-founder and leader for the organization Iran Human Rights. The movie is about six Iranian girls who try to get into a football stadium during the World Cup in Iran – which is strictly forbidden, because women do not have access to sports arenas in the country. The film takes up the issues surrounding the lack of women's rights in the country, and won the Amnesty International Film Prize in 2006. As a result of Panahi's efforts to focus attention on the situation in Iran, he was in December 2010 sentenced to 6 years in prison – and banned for 20 years for directing the film, giving interviews and left the country.


In Sysesalen, Jimmy from SAYWHAT will give a lecture about the rights concerning sexuality and reproduction in Zimbabwe.


Kulturutvalget has organized a lecture dedicated to the world famous symbolist painter Edvard Munch, and the use and reuse of motifs. Munch himself once said that “No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love.” Art historian Arnt N Fredheim will give the talk, has a Cand. philol. Art history and now works as a consultant at Statoil's Art Program.


Finally, finish out the night with a concert by Iselin Andresen in Bokkafeen. Doesn't that sound nice?



You wanna dance? You wanna learn? Start tonight and you'll be able to enjoy music in a new way, and maybe impress a few people along the way! In Biblioteket at Chateau Neuf, an introductory Salsa course is going to be taught by OSI Dans, so you know it'll be a good lesson.


Radio Nova's Snakker Ikke Norsk will be holding a game night in Sysesalen. Bring friends, or make some new ones!


Come back to Biblioteket for the International Quiz to round out the night.



The Student Declaration is being handed over by Student Parliament to the Rector and the Deans at Universitetet i Oslo. One hundred students have participated at the Student Conference where the declaration stating the Students’ Voice in the anniversary year was created. Rector and all the Deans at the University of Oslo will be present - you get the chance to mingle with them after the ceremony.


A lecture by Brian Palmer -  'Living as an idealist in an unforgiving world'. Why are some individuals ready to take a personal risk to protect a stranger?  This lecture looks at people who have taken risks to defend others from harm and champion shared ideals.  In history, as today, the large-hearted have sometimes paid for their courage with their bodies and their lives.


At Sysesalen and Biblioteket at Chateau Neuf, the ISU and ESN have something cooking; join your fellow students for an International Dinner. For those who haven't been to one before, find out why this is one of the most popular events on campus. Food from all over the world is provided by the participating students, and they compete for the best dish. That means we all win.


At Betong in Chateau Neuf, Kulturutvalget and the International Student Festival in Trondheim are staging a debate. "The Romani people in Europe: Integration, assimilation, exclusion?" The European attitude towards the Romani people is characterized by racism and ignorance. At the same time the situation for the Romani is marginalized. A large number of Romani are illiterate, and few go into higher education. Is the situation as it is today caused merely by widespread racism, or are there parts of the Romani culture which make it difficult to work towards integration? The evening's debate will begin with an introduction by Duško Kostić, winner of the Student Peace Prize of 2011. He received the prize for his efforts to improve the civil rights for the Romani people through education.

The panel consists of: Duško Kostić - winner of the Student Peace Prize 2011, Ian Hancock - Professor and human rights defender, and Jahn Otto Johansen - Journalist and author

18.30-20.00, 20.00-23.30

Come downstairs to Klubbscenen for an introductory course in freedancing by OSI Dans. Tonight will be swing. If you can't make the one at 18.30, come for the second one at 20.00.



Outside Villa Eika, Student Parliament and NASO will be putting on a Ski competition and open house. You think you've learned to ski before? Come show off, and meet your student representatives. They're actually quite friendly, I promise.

17.00-19.00 at Lillesalen, DNS.

There's also a movie at Lillesalen. Tongiht's feature is “China Blue". An introduction to the movie and the topic of are given by Karen Leffler, coordinator for Clean Clothes Campaign Norway and advisor in Fremtiden i våre hender (FIVH). It will be immediately followed up by...

19.00-21.00 at Lillesalen DNS.

Another movie, “Los viajes del viento/The Wind Journeys”. Doesn't it just make you love SAIH and Cinema Neuf?

OBS! The movie is in spanish with norwegian sub-titles.

20.00-22.00 at Klubbscenen DNS

International Stand Up by Studenthumorforeningen Selklubben

On stage you will find Tomi Walamis (FIN), Alan Drop (SA) and Dex Carrington (US). This is gonna be fun!


Or, go back to Bokkaféen for an evening of Jazz. You know it, you love it, and we wouldn't leave it out. Perfect for a relaxing night, a date, or just some good old fashioned music appreciation.


is when things heat up. Come early for...


Bokkaféen will be holding Jazz tonight too, for those who love jazz. I love jazz, for example. There's also...

19.00-20.30 at Biblioteket

Kulturutvalget's Academic Vorspiel and the International Group's join venture, “Ancient Alphabet”. What is that? Why, it's all about runes. They're not just on souvenirs, they were used for everything back in the day, and you can't say you know all about Norway without a basic knowledge. Get learning! The best part is how interesting they are. UiO's own Elise Kleivane discussing the history of rune stones. Join us for 'Bragging, slander, business and death: Runic writing and its numerous functions'. And there's just one more item. What was it? Oh, that's right.


Title: Concerts and Grand Party. We're closing International Week with a BANG! Betong in Chateau Neuf will be flung wide open in the mother of all parties! We have The Pilgrims, who will be playing energetic and positive roots reggae from Congo, followed by Quarteto Habana, who will be playing cuban salsa. After that, a DJ will take over the music at the night life scene afterwards.  Dress in your National Colors or in something patriotic! Face paint will be provided for those who can't get a costume together and need a flag. Everyone who's anyone will be there, which means you should come by too. This is going to be a night to remember!

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