Hug a Professor Day at UiO

Tuesday February 8th, we encourage you to seek out a professor or your favorite speaker and give him or her a big hug!

In cooperation with the Student Parliament at the university of Bergen and the Student Parliament at NTNU, we are organizing "Hug a Professor Day" on the 8th of February. The goal is to put focus on the lack of contact between academic staff and students. Drop-out surveys, Satisfaction Surveys and knowledge from the University surveys show that students have little or no contact with teaching staff and especially the professors. Several students states lack of contact and guidance as reasons for change of study environment or reason for dropping out. We want to do something about this! Close encounters with research and researchers should be central to the teaching at universities.

We want students to show that we care about our teachers and appreciate the job they do to enhance our learning.

The promotion of the day is mainly being done on Facebook, where over 1000 students already have said they are participating. The Student Parliament have pressed buttons to the UiO professors with the words "Hug me". These have been distributed to all departments at the UiO with a letter describing the idea behind "Hug a professor" day and with a hope that they are getting ready to be huged!


We reward the best picture and the most number of pictures on the Facebook page. They will win a iPad!

Published Feb. 3, 2011 7:58 PM - Last modified Dec. 18, 2013 4:11 PM
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