Call for participants: student conference in Rome

The network for Univiersities in the capitals of Europe arranges a student confrenece in Rome september 22th-25th. This is an excellent opportunity to participate and meet students from all over Europe.

You will meet new people, cher your experience and learn a lot about Universities and students politics as you go along.

The application deadline is 26th of march.

Food, accomodation and travel expences will be covered.


Call for participants: Student conference in Rome

The University of Oslo is a member of UNICA, a Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. UiO participates activly in the network, and the vice chancellor Inga Bostad is currently a member of the Board.

UNICA organizes a student conference every year, and this year it is in Rome the 22th to 25th of September. There are 10 themes for the conference, which you can find below.

UiO can participate with 10 students, four of which are from the Student Parliament whereas the last 6 spots are open for other students, preferably students that part-take in the student democracy or engage themselves in student associations.

A preparation meeting for all participants from the UiO will be organized in advance.

Participation at the conference is free. UiO will cover travel costs, and the host will cover food and lodging

Application deadline: March 26th

Do you want to apply or need more details? Please contact Julie Ness by email or phone 22 84 41 39


1. Internationalisation at universities: challenges and problems.
2. The European mobility programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus placement, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, doctoral programmes, etc.): toward the 20% mobility by the year 2020?
3. What is the role of the university in contemporary society?
4. Unity and diversity in future of Europe: the challenge of multiculturalism.
5. Innovation, formal and informal education: can universities nurture the creativity of students?
6. The Bologna process and the development of the European higher education: quality, employability and social issues.
7. Student mobility and the enlargement and consolidation of the European Union.
8. High quality universities with low fees: is it possible? How to choose the best university to study at?
9. Sustainable development and greener universities.
10. Hard and soft skills: are the European universities helping the students to develop both?


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