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The studies and research committee

The studies and research committee consists of seven members. The committee is made up of the officer of academic affairs, two student representatives that are also in the UiO studies committee and four representatives elected by the student parliament.

The committee for 2017-2018 consists of:

Susann Andora Biseth-Michelsen (officer of academic affairs)

-    Olav Riise
-    Knut Nicholas Figenschou
-    August Starberg
-    Linn Skyum
-    Kari Anne Andersen

-    Ruben Haugland (Committee for Student Affairs)
-    Jens Lægreid (Committee for Student Affairs)

The committee discusses studies and research related topics and can propose and prepare cases for the student parliament. You can contact the studies and research committee if you want them to look into a case by emailing Susann at:

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