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Student Parliament representatives

The student parliament is the official voice of the students at the University of Oslo. Our main objective is to improve the students' rights and represent the interests of the students. We work with the university leadership, the  Norwegian student organization, the city of Oslo and the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget). By law the students have the right to be consulted in matters that affect student life.

The Student Parliament is composed of 36 elected representatives. 28 of these are selected on the basis of the factions. The factions are similar to the Norwegian model of political parties. Each list runs a list of students for elections, and the choice is based on faction rather than individual representatives.

The elections takes place every spring. The whole university is one constituency for the factions, meaning they all compete for the votes of the students at every faculty.

The remaining 8 representatives are appointed by the local faculty student councils. Each faculty student council appoints one representative.

The Executive Committtee (AU) 2021-2022:

Jørgen Hammer Skogan - President

Karl Oskar Lie Bjerke - Vice President and University Board member

Runa Jarsve - Officer of Communication and Officer of International affairs

Oline Marie Sæther - Officer of Academic affairs

Julianne Sørflaten Grovehagen - University Board member and Environmental affairs

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