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Positions appointed by the Student Parliament

Student Parliament appoints students to represent students in various boards councils and committees at the university. Appointments of new representatives are held at the Constitutional meeting of the Student Parliament in May.


The Student Parliament appoints representatives to the numerous councils, boards and committees. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Norgwegian student organization

The National Union of Students in Norway (Norsk studentorganisasjon, or NSO in Norwegian) is the largest organisation for students in Norway. Comprising 44 member unions from higher education institutions across the country, NSO represents more than 200 000 students. NSO’s goal is to ensure students’ academic, social and economic rights.

The national board of the NSO is the organizations second highest body, after the NSO national convention. Its duties are to ensure that the organization is well run, promotes policies that will benefit students and maintains the interests of the membership organizations and students in general.

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