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About the Student Parliament

Picture taken on international students' day.

The Student Parliament meets about once a month and the meetings are open to everybody. There are 36 representatives in the Student Parliament. Everyone has the opportunity to bring matters before the Student Parliament, and the executive committee have a duty to follow up the resolutions passed.

Student Parliament elects five students to work full time in the executive committee. The work includes preparing cases for discussion in the parliament and implementation of adopted policies. The executive committee works actively to make sure that the voice of the student body is heard and seen in the media and the public discourse.

The executive committees offices are located at at Villa Eika, the old Dragon style villa beside the University Library, and always appreciate someone coming by!

In addition to the executive committee the student parliament elects student representatives to a number of other boards, committees and councils. The student parliament also has two separate political committees, the Studies and Research Committee and the international committee.

The committees consist of student parliament representatives who have had a particular responsibility for designing and monitoring policies within their area.

To learn more about the details of the Student Parliament organization, you can check out the further links on the left side of the page or contact the parliament at

You can also give us a call at 22 85 70 44 or simply drop by our offices between 09-00-17.00

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