English Bachelor Degree at UiO

14.04.2016 vedtok studenparlamentet en resolusjon on bachelorprogrammer på engelsk

Resolution - English Bachelor degree at the University of Oslo



The University of Oslo states on its English web pages that it is a “Leading European University”, but does not have a single bachelor degree taught in Enligsh. The University of Oslo should strive to offer an English language alternative on all levels of its education. We believe that a bachelor taught entirely in English is a natural step to sharpen UiOs international profile.


There is a political window of opportunity to start the process of accomplishing an English bachelor at this point, since the Ministry of Education and the higher education institutions is in the process of deciding the devolopment indicators for the higher education institutions going forward.


Two of the most frequently stated reasons for English taught programs are a) to remove language obstacles b) to improve the international competences of domestic students.


We value Norwegian as an academic language highly, and underline that we only want UiO to have an option in English, with the rest of UiOs bachelor programs taught in Norwegian.


The Student Parliament resolutes:


That The University of Oslo should establish its first bachelor program taught in English.

Publisert 15. juli 2016 10:59 - Sist endret 15. juli 2016 11:00
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