Election platform 2016

The Leftist Alliance (VA) is a socialist and feminist student union. We have for several years worked for shaping a more gender equal, environmentally sustainable and progressive university. We are running for student parliament because we want a world class learning environment, environmental perspectives in the courses offered at UiO and quota systems for student refugees.


Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. This challenge has to be addressed by implementing environmental perspectives in the programmes offered at UiO.  We also believe our talented researchers should develop renewable energy solutions for the future rather than prolonging our dependence on petroleum. There is also need for measures that enable a greener study everyday life.

VA’s demands:

  • Phasing out of petroleum research at UiO
  • Environmental perspectives and courses in all the programmes offered at UiO
  • Safe cycling paths from all student villages to the campuses of UiO


International solidarity

VA wants UiO to be a safe haven for persecuted students and academics. VA wants a quota system for refugees, allowing them to finish their degree as soon as possible.

VA’s demands:

  • Quota system for student refugees
  • Flexible recognition of refugees’ previous education
  • Let refugees complete degrees they have had to abort at home and supplement previous studies so that their education will be recognised in Norway
  • Academic boycott of Western Sahara


Learning environment

More than one fourth out of all female students are currently struggling with mental health issues.  In the current Act relating to universities and university colleges, mental learning environment is only mentioned once. This is not good enough!

Students today do not have the right to a healthy working environment. We are experiencing worn out study rooms, and unsafe indoor climate. It is necessary to secure a minimum requirement for healthy physical and mental learning environment in a new specific act.


VA’s demands:

  • Every student seeking help from SiO on mental health will be met sooner.
  • Pass a new act on learning environment



The Leftist Alliance is fighting for a gender egalitarian university. A healthy gender balance is important both a good working- and learning environment. For this to be achieved, we need measures like gender quotas and mentorship programmes.


VA’s demands:

  • An individual right to paternity leave for male student with kids
  • Quotas to ensure gender balance
Publisert 16. mars 2016 15:08
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