Election platform 2016

The Science Party is a politically independent list. We have what it takes to make UiO better for the students. This year we’re working for better teaching and assessment, digitization and a better learning environment.

Educational revolution now!

UiO needs an educational revolution. We want higher demands of both lecturers and students and want student active teaching and assessment throughout the whole semester. The semester shouldn’t be summarised in a mark based on one exam. We therefore want projects, assignments, presentations and lab work to count on the mark. That will spread the effort more evently throughout the semester and the students will get feedback during the semester.

Skilfull educators need good tools. Therefore we demand more educational training of the lecturers. We also have to emphasize education in new employments, and we want everyone applying for a teaching position to describe their statement of teaching philosophy as a part of their application.

Better physical learning environment!

A good study environment isn’t only created at parties. If UiO is to be Norway’s top university, it must be easier for the students to create a good learning environment. Safe environments open up for both cooperation and academic disagreements. We want there to be enough learning areas for students from each discipline to have their own areas to cooperate and discuss. In addition, the air quality and temperature must be improved in all teaching and student areas.



We want a digitization of the curriculum, teaching, exams and the administrative parts of studies. We want to increase the initiative on digital teaching resources, like podcasting and curriculum litterature. A broad digital initiative demands that the whole UiO has access to the technology of tomorrow’s solutions. We think today’s digital platforms are outdated, and that different solutions to different digital needs are better than one common platform.

Publisert 15. mars 2016 20:52 - Sist endret 15. mars 2016 20:56
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