Election program 2015

The Liberals are based on social and liberal values. We want a university with a high academic standard, where the freedom of student is in focus and there is a free culture of research.

From plans to efforts for quality in education

  • A student petition
  • Call for an effort plan
  • Work placement

The Liberals consider it to be fundamental that institutions of higher educations keep a focus on developing individuals on both a personal and academic level. The focus on the individual should be a clear area of focus for the Univerity of Oslo. Measures such as more and better seminar teaching, problem-based learning such as case assignments, and oral presentations should be introduced to give students a better platform for developing themselves.

UiO has a lot of goals and plans, above all Strategy 2020. The goals are often good, but the Liberals miss concrete efforts to bring the university forward. Therefore we demand an effort plan for improved teaching university-wide. The first step is a petition from the Student Parliament to show that student representatives care about concrete efforts for teaching - we care about you.

Learning is always a mix of theory and practice. Too many university disciplines focus only on theory. This is a problem because students to a large extent are left to their own devices when they want practical competence in their area of study. All study programmes should give students opportunities for participation in research and worklife placement as part of their studies.

UiO should offer more cross-disciplinary study programmes, both bachelor and masters degrees.


●       Increased attention to mental health

●       Defending your rights

●       Gender balance


Everyone has a mental health, not just those who are defined as mentally ill. Most students will be troubled by exam anxiety, heartbreak, loneliness or just need someone to talk to sometimes during their time at the university. A good student health service is vitally important to meet the needs of each individual student and to prevent drop-outs due to mental illness. The Liberals want to expand the student health service and increase the capacity of SiO to offer psychological help. A welfare service of the highest quality at the university will give you a safe framework for your studies.

It must be made easier to make your voice heard when your rights as a student are violated, and UiO must make efforts to ensure that all faculties and institutes have a culture where noone is afraid of reprimands.

Gender balance improves quality. The work environment is better when both genderes are represented evenly. The Liberals will work for gender balance at UiO, especially at higher university positions, in which men are currently overrepresented. The Liberals will support measures to this effect, short of radical quota regimes, because we think the best qualified candidate should always be chosen for a position.

The freedom to have a pet is important to many students. The Liberals therefore think that some student housing blocks and some indoor learning facilities at the university should allow pets.


●       Digitalization

●       Privacy rights

●       Green research

UiO must keep up with the times. Even though UiO is Norway’s oldest university, there is no reason to be old-fashioned. Digital technology must be used as a means to improve quality of education, and eventually all lectures should be made available online as video podcast. To maintain its status as a leading university, UiO must have state of the art equipment for research, teaching and learning.

As society develops, we must take new challenges seriously. Students’ right to privacy must always be protected even as new digital services are introduced. Students should at all times be aware of the personal data collected by UiO and SiO.

As a big and responsible institution, UiO must work continuously to be as eco-friendly as possible. This implies efforts ranging from recycling and source separation, vegetarian food and energy saving to big, principled decisions. Green, environment-friendly and sustainable research must always have priority over research on fossil fuels when funds and projects are allocated. UiO shall not engage in research that increases or prolongs petroleum extraction.


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