Election platform 2016

We have our foundation in social and liberal values. We want a University that prioritises student freedom. This year we are going to focus on three things: podcasting and streaming of lectures, English bachelor programs, and to stop UiO from destroying the University pubs.

UiO needs to go digital

The University must aim to have all its lectures available as podcasts, and start streaming of major lectures. Very few students can be full-time students, and the flexibility that podcasts and streaming offers is essential in assuring that people can study whenever and wherever they want.


It has to become easier for students to find information at UiO, preferably through one channel such as “Mine Studier”, instead of being spread out in different channels. 


UiO has to focus outwards

If UiO is to achieve its goal of becoming an internationally high-ranked university, it has to compete for the undergraduates as well. We demand that the University establishes at least one bachelor programme where the primary language is English. As a free, open university, UiO has the potential to become a popular place for people from the entire academic spectrum, from undergrads to professors, to the benefit of the entire Norwegian academic community. This will also give UiO better bargaining chips when making exchange agreements with institutions abroad.


Save the student pubs, and relocate Chateau Neuf!

UiO wants to impose a new rigid set of rules that will have severe consequences for the student pubs. These rules will effectively kill one of the pubs’ main sources of income, and remove their incentives to host big, popular events. The pubs are great at recruiting new students, and we believe they should be rewarded, not punished for their work.


The students need a new place to gather. Chateau Neuf, the current students union might be great for televised talent shows, but the students need a new venue, located in the city centre, scaled and designed for its role as a hub for Oslo’s students.

Publisert 15. mars 2016 20:51 - Sist endret 15. mars 2016 20:56
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