Election platform 2016

Internationalista represents internationally-minded students who believe in a university where nationals and internationals should coexist on equal terms.

The basis of creating an international learning environment is raising awareness of diverse backgrounds and struggles students face. We seek to create a compromise so that all students can participate in all learning, democratic and social activities.

Internationalization requires an effort on both parts. International students should take initiative and be willing to adapt. Local students should be curious, welcoming and open to change.

Inclusive Buddy Groups

Buddy groups should mix international and national students within the same field of study. Social interaction at an early stage is a prerequisite for academic interaction throughout the year.


Vibrant Student Villages

Student villages need to provide meeting points and facilities. Events should be held where you live, not only on campus and downtown. SiO should not divide students by their willingness to pay. Local and international students should be able to live together.


International Student Societies

Highlight and create support mechanisms for student societies that promote interaction between cultures through prizes and funds.


International Representation

International students should be welcomed and adaptations should be made for them to participate in all decision making bodies at UiO.


Language Learning

Learning languages opens doors to new cultures. The university should provide free language courses at all levels and informal arenas for language learning.


International Education

Study abroad should be encouraged by including it in every degree by default. Students may choose to opt-out and replace it with an internship, abroad or inland, or open credits.


Education as a Public Good

No tuition fees! Higher education is a tool for civic development worldwide and should not serve the short term interests of states and businesses.

Publisert 15. mars 2016 20:51 - Sist endret 15. mars 2016 20:55
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