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Internationalista represents international students and internationally-minded people at UiO. All students should be able to participate in all learning, democratic and social activities. Nationality, language, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other individual characteristic should never be an obstacle to participation. Once accepted at UiO, all university life should be within reach for all.

We believe that internationalisation can only happen if international people are involved at all levels. However, for the past years, the government has put several obstacles for international students to come to Norway, such as the recent proposal to introduce tuition fees, reducing the number of international people in academia and making UiO a less multicultural place.

Internationalization benefits both local and foreign students, UiO as an institution, Norwegian society and the world as a whole. At UiO we are campaigning for:

1.      Tuition-free education for all

2.      Internationally-minded people represented at all levels

3.      More resources allocated towards internationalisation - more courses in English, introductory Norwegian language courses, ab-initio language courses and exchange agreements.

4.       Grassroots involvement of the student body in democratic and governance activities; transparent student parliamentary activities and encouragement of students to engage.

5.  The parliament spent two years without updating their English website. UiO invited Nobel Prize winners and famous academics without advertising them in English. Language should not be a barrier for your ability to communicate or participate at UiO.

6. Students in SiO housing aren’t directly represented at the welfare council. Student villages should have their own student board representing the residents instead of dealing with endless bureaucracy.

7. Relevant career services should be implemented to help international students find part-time jobs to help finance their studies.

International students have been second-class students for too long. It’s time to make UiO a fair place to study. Only then can we be a university where everyone studies on equal terms. Help us make it happen. Vote Internationalista for the Student Parliament.

Publisert 27. feb. 2015 22:06 - Sist endret 27. feb. 2015 22:06
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