Election platform 2016

Green List is the green alternative in the studentparliament. Over the past year we have had some great victories, but we are not satisfied. The University of Oslo is still not a sustainable and environmental friendly university, and that is why UiO needs a green list!

We want to confront and change the system in order to push the university in a green direction. The climate changes are happening at this very second at a rapid and unprecedented speed, and the University of Oslo need to recognize this.


Education is the most important tool in order to create a better future. Thus, all educational institutions, including the University of Oslo, have a duty to contribute to a positive and responsible development.

We in Green List want the University of Oslo to:


  • Initiate a process to stop all non-renewable and environmentally harmful research.
  • UiO must stop investing in companies who destroy the nature through oil and gas production.
  • Make sure that teaching and research on renewable resources and sustainability characterize the university.
  • Become world leading in environmental research.

As a future-oriented educational institution, UiO must dare to invest in innovative and impactful solutions.

This means that:

  • The university must facilitate for waste sorting and recycling on the entire campus, both outside and inside.
  • The University should make better use of the roof areas of ​​the University buildings. For example: green roofs, installation of solar panels or rooftop gardens.
  • The University must have ambitious goals for environmental standards in new buildings.
  • The University must emphasize environmentally certified suppliers, goods and services in all procurement processes.


Our everyday life as students affects the environment, our health and our quality of life. We in Green List believe that it is much SiO and the University can do to improve both students' everyday life and our impact on the environment:


  • Sio should have vegeterian and vegan menu options. These group should be provided with equally satisfying meals as people eating meat. Sio should acitvely promote the advantages of cutting meat from your diet, for example by starting a campaign or lowering prices
  • New student housing should be built so that they get the energy label “A”.
  • There should be gender neutral toilets on campus and in buildings run by SiO.

We wish you a great election and hope that you will consider voting for Green List. For a green university, a sustainable student community and a better future.

Publisert 15. mars 2016 11:53 - Sist endret 15. mars 2016 20:55
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