Election platform 2016

UIO is Norway’s foremost university. We have research and education of world class, but everyday we students find examples of things that could be better. We believe that you as a student deserve a university where everyone has the same opportunities, no matter your social background. We want your everyday life as a student to get better and we want the quality of your studies to be better than it is today. These are the reasons why we choose to engage ourselves in student politics.

A university for everyone!

A university for everyone means that everyone will have the same possibilites both during admission and completion of their studies. We want the counselour service to be better and to reintroduce accompanying letters to exam sensors about a student having difficulties with writing and reading. UiO is not an equal university today and we want more permanent positions and believe gender qoutas is necessary in both hiring processes and in certain studies where the balance of genders is very skewed


Student life

As a student your time at UIO should be a time you enjoy. We of the social democrats want to make your everyday life even better. We want you to be able to be a full time tudent if you wish to be. Therefore we believe that the student loan should be increased and tied to 1,5 G of the folketrygd. Engaging education is essential for a good student experience. The university needs to make sure that their lecturerers and other educators pedagogic competence is up to standards and that they vary their ways of teaching and assessments to make sure the students actively participate. We want to make changes that will impact your life as a student. That is why we want to implement dinner at half the normal price at the end of the semester during finals in all of SiO’s cafeterias. We also want to strengthen the capacity of the dental health services and the psychology services offered by SiO.

First year students

Everybody has been there. The first day at the university where everything is exciting, new and a little overwhelming. The social democrats believe that UiO are not doing a good enough job at welcoming new students and we demand that we get a social and educational arrangement that will last longer than just the “buddy week”. One of the measures that need to be taken is that every first year student should get an appointment with a counselor during the first semester and a contact person they can ask questions.

Publisert 16. mars 2016 14:56 - Sist endret 16. mars 2016 14:56
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