Political platform Welfare and student village list

Important Cases:

1: Promoting student social- and welfare measures.

2: Improve the standard of SiO's student housing.

3: Put an end to "secrecy" within SiO, and If innsight isn't granted, a reason must be provided.

In addition:

- We wish to bring back SiO health to Blinderen

- We are against rebuilding Domus Athletica footballfield into student housing.

The name Welfare- and Student Village List (VSL) is program descriptive. VSL is a party politically independent list where the main purpose is to make student life as good as possible. We want to stand for election because we want to assure that the student's welfare is good. We want to help make student life as optimal as possible by ensuring that the living conditions are maintained and social hangouts in the student villages are prioritized.

  • If the students we represent feel an issue is important, then we will fight for it. VSL will consist of elected representatives, not politicians.
  • We feel that all student villages should have social measures, such as the pub at KringsjĆ„ which has now been shut down. A gathering place where one can meet new and old friends is important.
  • We want new student houses, but not on the football field by Atletica Domus. It is important for us that the development of houses does not come at the cost of the wellbeing and welfare of students.
  • It is also important for us that the standards of the student houses are adequate; that the students come home to a good environment after long days in the Library.
  • We also want to get SiO Health back to Blindern.
  • The Cellar pubs at campus creates a good environment and are important welfare offers. VSL wishes to be their representatives in the student parliament and to UiO.
  • SiO's board minutes should become public to all students and there should be justifications for secrecy where it is necessary.
Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:40 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 4:40 PM
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