Political Platform The Science Party

The Science Party is a group of active students who want to make everyday life at UiO better. We study natural sciences and medicine, and we are active in different councils and organisations. From experience we think it is important to have realistic priorities when trying to improve student life at UiO. We are pragmatic and constructive. We set our priorities in a democratic way at our open meetings. We know what is most important, and how to set things straight. We get things done!

The Science Party is party-politically independent. We have what it takes to make UiO better for the students. This year we are working for student orientation, exchange and “Your studies your choice”


The buddy week is vital to a student’s life. It is the entry to a social and academic community and paves the path onwards. But one week is not enough! A sense of community is not created overnight. We demand a focus on the first year student the whole year. Each student is to receive follow-up and guidance, both academically and personally, to Ensure that they thrive and succeed.

EXCHANGE IN 1 – 2 – 3

Exchange should be safe and easy. Students currently experience problems before, during and after their exchange. Both module approvals and the application process are time consuming and stressful. That is not how it should be! We want to make it easy to go on exchange by removing the bureaucracy of the application process. That way students can enjoy a good and relevant exchange without any hassle.


As a student you should not be a passive bystander in your own education. The best education is created when students actively take part in developing their courses. Therefore student participation must be a priority so that students are listened to and taken seriously. We want student evaluations to play an important role in developing each course to ensure better study programmes.

Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:35 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 4:35 PM
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