Political Platform The liberals

The Liberal List wants to simplify and improve UiO for students. Through flexibility students can take charge and make room for their studies. UiO can improve on matters of digitalization, counselling and measures to include students. We want you to decide the premises for your student situation. You can achieve a better student situation by digitalized education and exams, access for student initiatives on campus and welfare goods, encompassing and adjusted to your needs.   

The Liberal List believes in measurements to ease and improve your student life. UiO has an immense improvement potential in regards of its’ services and processes. You should be in control of your student situation.

We believe digitalization is a pathway to improve and simplify communication, learning and exams. By utilizing digital education, exams and learning resources, you can compose your student situation as it pleases and fits you. Flexibility is to us an important principle for mastering and focusing on your academics, which digitalization enables.

The students’ welfare organization should not only be by but also in favor of students. SiO’s services are good, but has room for improvement. By lowering prices on food throughout the year, expanding the low threshold counselling services and providing free HPV-vaccination, SiO will help ease the burden of stress and make your situation simpler.

These are only some of the few measures we believe can improve any student’s life at UiO. The pathway to the end goal is paved with such means that increases flexibility and reduces inconveniences. We want UiO and SiO to follow suit, so that we can reach the end goal together.  

Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:24 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 4:24 PM
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