Political Platform Internationalista

Internationalista represents internationally-minded students that believe in a university where nationals and internationals can coexist on equal terms. We seek to create a compromise so that all students can participate in all learning, democratic and social activities.

We fight for:

- Increasing internship opportunities for international students at UiO.

- Establishing UiO Global, a collaborative partnership between all of UiO’s international programs.

- Inclusion of international students in decision making bodies and education

Internationalista represents internationally-minded students who believe in a university where nationals and internationals should coexist on equal terms. Internationalization requires an effort on both parts. International students should take initiative and be willing to adapt. Local students should be curious, welcoming and open to change.


Internships for International Students

The university should actively cultivate relationships with various employers to establish internship programs accessible to all students regardless of the language barrier (inclusive of  non-norwegian speakers). There should be a full range of internship opportunities (paid & non-paid) for all the students.


International Representation

International students should be welcomed and adaptations should be made for them to participate in all decision making bodies at UiO.


Language Learning

Learning languages opens doors to new cultures. The university should provide free Language courses at all levels and informal arenas for language Learning.


Global UiO

UiO should establish a social and academic network of UiO’s internationally oriented programs that works to strengthen UiO’s international community. Global UiO will aim to inspire interdisciplinary collaboration between programs and students with an orientation towards projects that address the world’s most pressing issues. Furthermore, UiO Global will serve as a springboard for innovation in educational internationalization at the university level, in order to make UiO a model of what a university should be in the 21st century.


Education as a Public Good

No tuition fees! Higher education is a tool for civic development worldwide and should not serve the short term interests of states and businesses.

Published Apr. 18, 2017 4:09 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 4:09 PM
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