Political Platform The Green List

Green List want the studentparliament to be a clear voice in environmental and climate issues, and we want the University of Oslo to take these issues seriously. We want to contribute to both by encouraging greater involvement and student activity on campus, as well as to push for an increased focus on sustainable and renewable research.

We are tired of promises and speeches. We demand action!

During the past year, Green List made the university agree to introduce recycling and city bikes on campus, as well as to make SiO introduce an energy-plus target for all its buildings. Nevertheless, we are not content. We do not intend to rest before the University of Oslo is a world-class institution in terms of sustainability, and at the very forefront of the green transition! This is why we ask for your vote! We will change the system and push the university in a green direction. Climate change is happening here and now, and the university must act and adjust to this reality. 

Education is the most important tool we have to create a better future. As a large educational institution, the University of Oslo have a duty to contribute to a positive and responsible development of our society. For this reason, Green List will:

  • Make the university cut all its ties to the petroleum sector.
  • Make teaching and research on renewable resources and sustainability a key characteristic of the university.

As a major institution, the University must take steps to become eco-friendly:

  • The university must be fully environmentally certified.
  • The university must raise its ambition of reducing energy consumption by 2020

How we students live our lives from day to day impacts the environment, our health and our quality of life. Green List will work hard to improve all aspects of student life as well as its impact on the world we live in:

  • Food sold in SiO canteens must become better, cheaper and sustainable.
  • The copy fee should be made voluntary, so that students only pay for the prints they actually need.

We wish you a wonderful election and hope that you will vote for Green List! For a greener university, sustainable student life and a better future.

Published Apr. 18, 2017 3:59 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 3:59 PM
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