Election Program The Conservatives

The Conservatives represent the right-wing students at campus. We strive to ensure world-class research and tuition, secure academic freedom for all and make Oslo the best student friendly city in Norway. While our representatives work to ensure diversity, quality tuition and study halls being open at all times, we also fight against affirmative action, discrimination and special treatment.

Do you also want to secure a great student environment at our university? Vote the Conservatives!

The Conservatives want to enable our modern and flexible students to influence their own learning environment. Our three main political goals this period will therefore be:


2) Public ranking of subjects and lecturers

The University of Oslo offers a wide range of courses and study programs, but It is hard for students to know in advance which courses are more fulfilling than others. A public ranking of subjects and lecturers published on the homepage of the university will make it easier for potential students to consider the quality of the different courses.

The Conservatives want:

  • a public ranking of courses offered at the university
  • a public ranking of individual lecturers
  • the rankings shall be standardized and include grade and a text
  • all the rankings shall be publicly available at the university homepage


2) Fewer compulsory lectures

The last couple of year we have witnessed a trend where the professors make their lectures compulsory in fear that the students will not show up. Our opinion is that this is treating the students like schoolchildren.

The Conservatives want:

  • less compulsory lectures      


3) Make study halls open at all times

While some students enjoy the early mornings, others find the nights better. We want to make the study halls available at all time, in order to offer students a good study environment whenever it suits them.

The Conservatives want:

  • study halls to be open at all times
Published Apr. 18, 2017 3:14 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2017 3:14 PM
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