Strategic Action Plan 2015-16

The Strategic Action Plan describes the political and organizational goals The Student Parliament at UiO is focused at completing in 2015-16. It functions as the Executive Committee's work program.

The Student Parliament demands

1a. an enduring commitment towards pedagogy, didactics, and digital teaching methods implemented in the yearly plans of action at faculty level.

1b. that UiO in cooperation with the students develops a minimum requirement in terms of quality in education.

1c. automatic explanation of exam grade at all study programs at UiO. All assessments at the University has to follow a minimum standard, and have focus on learning.

1d. that UiO introduces monetary sanctions in case of delayed assessment of exams, where the proceeds are to be used towards the learning environment.

 1e. iproved conditions for students on campus in the exam- and revision period.

1f. that UiO follows NENTs guidelines for research

1g. that UiO strengthens the ethical guidelines for its fund investments, in terms of environmental and human rights issues.

1h. that all international students are offered Norwegian courses free of charge.

1i. that all bachelor programs at UiO have 30 open credits in the one semester, to facilitate exchange or interdisciplinary studies

1j. that all exchange studies are approved in advance, and that they do not have to be approved again after return.

1k. that UiO make use of hard measures to equalise gender inequality in academia.

1l.  that UiO launch a learning centre, which will include merging existing resources on faculty level.

1m. an increasing focus on suitability in relevant study programs.

1n. gender neutral toilets at all faculties.    

1o. students with long term illness get first priority in choosing mandatory lessons.

1p. steady and drastically increased financing from the Department of Education over several years to upgrade University buildings.

1q. all buildings at UiO are environmentally certified.

1r. that UiO actively follow the Copernicus charter.

1s. that UiO restart  Green UiO (Grønt UiO) as an overarching and coordinating environmentally focused entity at the University.

1t. that the higher education law (universitet- og høyskoleloven), and corresponding regulations are changed as to better students’ rights in terms of rule of law, in addition to a satisfying physical and psychosocial learning environment.

1u. that UiO, the Student Welfare Organisation in Olso and Akershus, and the public health sector, cooperate to strengthen preventive measures towards psychological distress, in addition to improving the mental health services offered.   

 The Student Parliament will

2a. strengthen communication between student representatives in different parts of UiO.

2b. engage in an international collaboration with an international student democracy, elected by the Student Parliament.

2c. ensure that all relevant information at UiOs website is published in English, and that all English subjects have a website in English.

 2d. host a student conference about a relevant topic, elected by the Student Parliament.

2e. increase student awareness about the Student Parliament, through PR-campaigns about our ongoing the organisation and its ongoing work. In addition there will be established an promotion committee under the Student Parliament assist the promotional work.

2f. enter talks with relevant stakeholders and enquire about the possibility of establishing a vintage shop on campus.   

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